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Cool as a Fox, Loud as a Hound

For those that have experienced a true British soccer match, you know the noise of the pitch (that's field for us Americans) is raucous, invigorating and loud. It's not much different than the true to form British pub situated on the line between Studio City and Universal City, The Fox and Hounds.

Fox and Hounds' reputation as a sports bar comes from it being a premier place to watch British soccer. Stepping off the oft-busy Ventura Boulevard, it's like walking directly into a London pub, with soccer paraphernalia adorning the walls and British beers lining the taps. Open at any hour a match is on, jersey-clad football devotees pack in even at the earliest hour, filling stools and chowing down on genuine food from across the pond.

Unfortunately, that's one of the low points of genuine UK fare, if you don't already have a taste for it, you won't likely enjoy it here. Even the regular pub food can't be described as much more than that. The Fish and Chips are bland and taste more of the fry pan than anything, and the bangers and mash, (that's a bit of sausage and mashed potatoes to us Yanks) came out a bit odd-tasting. And as far as mushy peas go, they're mushy peas. Not a standard bar order, at least stateside.

The beers are poured perfectly, and the servers do their best to manage an often-busy pub environment. A bit of politeness goes a long way when you sometimes have to shout an order over hungry, beer-soaked fans. Fox and Hounds is an excellent replication of a true pub from across the pond. A bit of noise, fried snacks, "footie" on the "telly" and an ice-cold beer. Cheers.

The Fox and Hounds
11100 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, Ca, 91604




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