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Cool and Innovative VUSE: The Digital Vapor Cigarette

R.J. Reynolds introduced VUSE last night in Philadelphia. The new vapor product not only looks cool, you feel cool using it. The slender, pen-sized, digital vapor cigarette features a removable cartridge that contains nicotine. With each puff, a glowing white light at the end of the digital cigarette lights up. The white vapor released with each exhalation floats through the air, and the immediate reaction is of disbelief that this is a digital electronic product. It is awesome. The cigarette runs on a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Just remove the cartridge and attach the provided USB charger. Plug it into your laptop or desktop computer and watch as the glowing indicator light flashes while it charges. Each cartridge lasts about as long as a pack of standard cigarettes, and the battery lasts a day before the red indicator light flashes.

VUSE is an innovative product that could replace standard cigarettes and change the traditional appeal and image of cigarettes. R.J. Reynolds' focus is current smokers that are looking for an alternative. VUSE doesn't have nearly as many harmful chemicals as traditional cigarettes, which is sure to be appealing to health-conscious smokers. The cartridge contains v-liquid, which is a mix of nicotine, glycerin, propylene glycol, water, and flavoring. There is no smoke exhaust like traditional cigarettes, so people nearby are probably not affected as much by the second-hand vapor generated by this product.

The design of VUSE allows you to handle it much like a pen. Twirl it on your fingers, keep it in your pocket, or set it down on the desk. When you feel like taking a puff, VUSE is there for you. At the core of VUSE is the microprocessor that delivers a consistent experience by precisely monitoring and adjusting the heat delivered from the power unit to the v-liquid to generate the vapor for each puff. For me, a non-smoker, the experience was indeed consistent. I was coughing after each puff. But for smokers, the experience is probably more enjoyable.

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