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Cooking with superstitions: Ten cooking superstitions

Get your chef's hat out because we're going to look at ten superstitions that deal with cooking. Like everything even the activity of baking bread or baking a cake has some weird superstition about it. If you're curious on what those exactly are, you're reading the right article!

Let's begin with the list:

  1. To make good bread, stir the mixture in the sun.
  2. To make a cake light, always stir the same way.
  3. One of the most famous ones is if you keep watching a pot, it will never boil.
  4. Bread baked on Ascension Day, will never become moldy.
  5. Vegetables cultivated during ones baking day, will mildew.
  6. Here's a dark one, if the crust separates from the loaf of the bread, that means that the baker is in the bread.
  7. When boiling apple-butter, put a copper cent into the kettle to prevent it from scorching.
  8. Putting too much salt into the food when cooking, is suppose to mean that the cook is in love.
  9. A piece of meat that shrinks while cooking, means that it's a preview of the hardships that will happy to the family.
  10. A pan of potatoes that boil dry, is an omen of rain.

So those are ten classic cooking superstitions from baking bread to cooking a piece of meat. Feel free to share some of your own cooking superstitions.


Current Superstitions: Collected from the Oral Tradition of English Speaking Folk

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