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Cooking with Seuss

Fans of Dr. Seuss are celebrating his birthday during the coming week, and many of his books present ideas for cooking with kids as a fun activity to add interest to reading. Creating a recipe that carries the theme of a favorite children's book is a great way to promote interest in cooking with kids. "Horton Hatches the Egg" is a classic Seuss book that offers an idea for a kid-friendly recipe to create for the birthday celebration. This recipe is simple with a brief preparation time, and offers a healthy snack idea after a read-aloud session with Horton.

Seuss and the cat
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Peeled hard-boiled eggs

Thin pretzel or crisp bread sticks

Ranch dip

Toppers: bacon bits, finely chopped carrots

Directions: Cut a small X in the larger end of each egg. Insert a pretzel stick or thin bread stick. Serve the egg pops with your choice of dip and favorite toppers.

The Culinary Kids Academy is Sarasota offers its Storybook Cooks cooking classes for ages 3-6 on Wednesdays from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. A favorite children's book and kid-friendly recipe is chosen for a story session and a hands-on cooking experience for the little ones. The chefs who conduct the classes give young children the opportunity to learn a life-long skill that promotes healthy eating and creativity. Ingredients in each kid-friendly recipe present the opportunity for children to explore shapes, colors, textures, and smells while preparing the recipe. The Culinary Kids Academy invites interested parents to come and try a session for $25. The Culinary Kids Academy is located at 1734 Bamboo Lane in Sarasota. Parents may call 941-600-1464 for information and answers to any questions about the cooking classes for children.

Celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss at home with "Horton Hatches the Egg" and the egg dippers for a fun snack.

Check out the fun video from a cooking school for young children.

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