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Cooking with kids: key terms 3 – cutting and mixing

When cooking with your children/grandchildren, it would be beneficial to teach them the key terms they will most likely see in recipes. This will better enable them to use them properly when they begin cooking on their own.

Wisk ingredients together
Combnes the ingredients evenly

Today’s terms deal with those most commonly used when cutting and measuring food items. The definitions are taken from The Math Chef by Joan D’Amico and Karen Eich Drummond.


  • chop: To cut into irregularly chopped pieces
  • dice: To cut into cubes of the same size
  • mince: To chop finely
  • slice: To cut into uniform sections
  • grate: To rub a food across a grater’s tiny punched holes to produce small or fine pieces of food. Hard cheeses and some vegetables are grated.
  • shred: To rub a food across a surface with medium to large holes or slits. Shredded foods look like strips. The cheese used for making pizza is always shredded.


  • beat: To move a utensil back and forth to blend ingredients together
  • cream: To mix a solid fat (usually margarine or butter) and sugar by pressing them against a bowl with the back of a spoon until they look creamy
  • fold: To move a utensil with a gentle over- and under- motion
  • mix: To combine ingredients so they are all evenly distributed

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