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Cooking spray saves the day, or the Top 10 Uses for Cooking Spray

While there’s all kinds of technology that help to make our lives easier, did you know that cooking spray may very well be the wonderkindt of the 21st century?

Originally introduced as a low-cholesterol replacement for butter and/or oil products, PAM® and its generic variations were designed to effectively coat pans and eliminate “sticking.” The good news is that they have also been found do all kinds of magic all around the house.

Not only an effective cooking product, cooking sprays are versatile lubricants that can help get rid of bugs, eliminate soap scum, polish fixtures, make candle wax removal easier, speed up the drying time on pedi- and manicures, aid in snow removal and the quintessential stain-remover of stains from plastic ware. In addition to its myriad of uses, cooking sprays have even been found to facilitate catching fish!!

Here are the Top 10 Uses for Cooking Spray around the house:

1. Lubricant. From spraying hinges on squeaky doors and windows to troubled and/or frozen locks, a shot or two of cooking oil spray can ease the pain of being “stuck”.

2. Bug-Be-Gone. Just a spritz or two of cooking spray on bumpers and windshields can help wipe away smootz and leave your car squeaky clean with ease.

3. Whether it’s coating your cheese grater for smooth grating or coating your corn kernals for easy popping, just a few squirts and you’re good to go, with easy clean-up. Same goes for spraying your kitchen knives before chopping. Food will slide right off.

4. Easy clean-up – Cooking spray on plastics before reheating makes clean-up a snap. Stains just wipe away on plastic containers, no scubbing required.

5. Snow’s no fun. Just a few spritzes of cooking spray on your snow shovel before you attack the heap and you’ll really dig the way the oil helps the shovel blade to cut into the ice, allowing the snow to slide off of the shovel easier.

6. The perfect mani-pedi. A quick spray of cooking oil on your drying nails helps set and speed up the drying time. It’s true. And it also moisturizes your cuticles. Who knew?

7. Patty-perfect. This is great if you make your own burger patties. Simply spray your hands before you handle the meat. Perfect muss-free, fuss-free patties every time.

8. Frozen. It’s only good if you’re a Disney® movie. Once your freezer is clean and de-iced, spray the inside with cooking spray and next time it will be a snap.

9. Say g’bye to candle wax – Spray candles with cooking spray before you light them and the wax will come right off of whatever surface they’ve touched upon.

10. Soap scum be gone! That’s right. Just a shpritz and a swipe will leave your shower squeaky clean because the oil breaks down the lime deposits, making it easy to remove. Same goes for your facets and fixtures. The oily spray not only cleans them but makes them shine!

Oh, and fishing? Who the heck fishes anymore? OK, so if you like to fish, cooking spray works miracles on your fishing line, making it easier to cast and retrieve game. (And don’t forget to use cooking spray when you’re frying up your catch du jour!)

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