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Cooking quick five minute after dinner energizer snacks

The fast paced life of everything to do and not enough time to finish them. This five minute after dinner energizer snack is just what is needed to give the boost of energy you need to add nutrition and energy to finish the everyday projects.

The culinary recipe for the quick five minute energizer snack consists of these steps.. (1) Use a small mixing bowl and add one cup of Bear Naked fit autumn blend whole grain 100% natural energy cereal. (2)Toss with mixing spoon.

(3) In another mixing bowl take one small can of Manzanilla olives stuffed with anchovies.(4) Cut in slices and mix. (5) With the first mixing bowl take the whole grain flakes out and separate on a small cutting board for preparation.

(6) Finish with a jar of Gerties Finest Artichoke Tapenade spread and top to whole grain flakes. (7) Add to mixing bowl and scoop with mixing spoon together and it is ready in five minutes. This is the quick five minute after dinner energizer snack that gives the right energy lift that is needed for those after dinner cravings that just hits the right spot.

The natural energy is with the vitamin A and C and calcium that is needed. This mixed recipe is just what will add the nutrition and excitement to your life when you need a great boost to get things done.

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