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Cooking, cleaning, & crazy me!!!

My healing burns
My healing burns
JR May taken by JR May

It has been two weeks since my last article and I realize this pause breaches my usual timing of every few days.  However, since I had the pressure cooker explode on me and the second degree burns it has been difficult to do most things that I normally do.  Since it was two weeks ago yesterday that I acquired my second degree burns to the face and chest I am healing very well with some strange exceptions.  I now have a new found sensitivity to heat and cold, as well as I itch at night, and clothes that I used to love aren't being loved as much.  

A couple of days after the accident the burn was almost intolerable and everyone kept saying how it looked like severe sunburn, well, I'm a big fan of doing things the natural way, so to soothe the discomfort and allow myself to get cleaned, I took daily baths in milk.  Not only do I have to thank milk for how quickly I have healed but it has made my skin silky smooth and soft as a baby's butt.  Along with this lukewarm milk bath ritual came a new cleaning routine.  Kevin's mother had the apartment spotless before she left, however I am not a fan of using bleach or other harsh chemicals around the house or my new skin.  So, I have started using the Clorox "green" cleaners as well as my regular baking soda and salt to clean the bathtub and sinks.  It has made the job much easier and you don't have the unpleasant odors and I still don't have to wear gloves when I clean. 

The biggest setback through this experience has been having to keep sterile and ensuring I don't get an infection.  Well, Socks, my cat, has been seriously neglected by me in the loving, petting, doting, and his favorite, brushing departments.  I was unable to pet him, pick him up or be around him for fear that one of those yellow and white hairs would lead to some dastardly infection and back to UK I'd have to go. 

I will say this, I never knew how many friends I had until this accident occurred.  So many people in my building, my facebook & myspace pages, and just from everywhere have prayed, sent cards, flowers, letters everything.  My neighbors have made dinners, helped me clean, came over and spent time, everything that is possible for them to do they have.  It means so much to me to know that I am blessed so abundantly with such wonderful people in my life.  The presence of my friends have kept me from going insane during this time where I was pretty much confined to home twenty-four hours a day 7 days a week. 

On a good day, I'm a basket-case, but given the past two weeks, my normal basket's self has been more like Edith Bunker on a bad day.  Poor little Kevin (whom is 6'5 and 230 pounds) hasn't taken a day off in 8 days and I'm starting to think that it's because I'm so much nuttier than normal.  He came home from work 2 nights ago and I had straightened an already spotless apartment and was dusting where there was no dust.  This wouldn't be funny except I had on bandages, a compression wrap to secure them, an under armour shirt over top that, a regular shirt on over top of that, a durag, and one of those Michael Jackson face masks.  I looked a hot mess, but I wasn't getting anything into my chest or face wounds and I was so bored that I am pretty sure if he hadn't came home when he did he would have walked in to find me sitting on the ceiling having an imaginary tea party.

So as I bring this article to a close, I want to rewarn you of the dangers of a pressure cooker.  Fresh vegetables, especially from locally grown sources and farmers markets, are excellent both for your physical health and mental health. But, cook them in a regular pot, it may take a little more time but you don't run the risk of blowing up your microwave, killing your iphone, acquiring 2nd and 3rd degree burns to your face and chest, and going stir crazy for 2 weeks.  Also, after you read my article, go in to your bedroom, get your favorite blanket off the bed rub it across your cheek and think about having to go without it or sleeping in your normal position for 10-12 days.  This may not seem like a long time but when it's you and you can only cover up your legs and you are sleeping sitting up. Those nights don't fly by.  Luckily tonight when I go to bed I'll cover up with my ratty old banky that my Mamaw made for me and will be sleeping soundly as the rain taps on the window.   Also, when you clean your house try the new green products from Clorox and Seventh Generation, they work well and aren't harsh.  We have one Earth, a limited number of years on it and we need to be nice to everyone.   Being nice may not make us live longer but it makes the time we have here so much bettter.


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