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Cookies and milk: Together as never before

America's favorite treat together as never before.
America's favorite treat together as never before.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_1200/milk7n-3-web.jpg

New York City’s most viral chef is at it again. Dominique Ansel, the creator of the now world famous doughnut-croissant mash up – the Cronut – has released his newest culinary concoction: the Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot Glass.

Ansel released his newest creation to the buzzing crowd at the SXSW music, film and interactive conference in Austin and soon after to his loyal followers and dessert enthusiasts back in New York City.

Surprisingly enough, Ansel grew up not eating many sweets and he has come up with yet another way to appeal to America’s sweet tooth, while at the same time bringing us back to the nostalgia of grandma’s cookies with a glass of milk. Many who have tried this new chocolate chip cookie treat have described it as the best milk and cookies experience – ever.

As with the release of the Cronut, groups of anxious and excited people line up outside of Ansel’s bakery every day just to get their hands on the Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot Glass. When you enter the bakery, you are briefed on the rules for ordering your cookies.

Each person is limited to two shot glasses that cost $3 each (if you choose to stay, which includes the price of milk). If you don’t’ stay, you can order a box of eight to-go, along with a bottle of Ansel’s signature Tahitian vanilla infused organic milk for $3.

Ansel even manages to serve each cookie warm, leaving you licking your fingers clean of melted chocolate and cookie crumbs. This is another reason why it is highly suggested you enjoy these treats at the bakery.

Many cookie enthusiasts and foodies have now started to debate over the best way to enjoy the dessert. Do you sip and nibble, alternating between cookies and milk? By this method, you can balance out the intense chocolaty shot glass lining with the sweet vanilla milk.

This method usually takes skill though, and those who choose it must take caution to not eat too much cookie (thus springing a leak). Others say it is best to take the shot and then eat the cookie, and then buy a bottle of milk to drink after you finish so you can still wash down the treat. Either way, you are sure to enjoy the treat and be left wanting more.

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