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‘Cook Your Ass Off’ does a ‘Kids Faves Redo’ on HLN/UpWave

Richard Blais host of Cook Your Ass Off on HLN/UpWave
Photo by Jason Bahr

On tonight's HLN/UpWave semi-final episode of “Cook Your Ass Off,” host and chef Richard Blais challenges three more chefs to compete to help a person with bad eating habits, spruce up their diet with healthy versions of the unhealthy food they love on this episode titled “Kids Faves Redo,” as they take on childhood obesity. Richard knows what poor habits can do, as he has lost 50 pounds in his journey to regain his health and vitality.

As the episode begins, the three chefs are introduced; Chef Scott Grewe who won the week Dean Singer appeared. Chef Ariane Duarte, who appeared on episode one with Meg Schenkman, and Chef Carla Contreras who appeared on episode nine with Jill Gonzalez. Recipes from this episode are found here.

The three judges are; Jill, nutritionist Keri Glassman and Chef Madison Cowan and actress, singer, songwriter, food blogger and cookbook author Haylie Duff. The winner will also be entered into the finals, where the winner will bring home $50,000.

The first round is Snack Attack. They had to redo old-fashioned Pigs-in-a-Blanket, little hotdogs wrapped in dough. Keri advised that they contain 390 calories with 30 grams of fat and 50% of the daily sodium allowance. They also contain nitrates and artificial colors. Carla made ponzu quinoa sushi roll with trumpet mushrooms. Scott made sausage dumplings with yogurt mustard sauce. Ariane made turkey bacon wraps with house made ketchup.

As they were sent by Richard, to “Cook Your Ass Off,” they rushed to the pantry for round two, an elimination round, they had to do the Meal Makeover of the kid favorite macaroni and cheese. Keri stated that mac and cheese contained 800 calories, 38 grams of fat and only 2 grams of fiber, with processed cheese, it is high in saturated fat and everything in the bowl causes obesity.

As the winner of the first round, Scott got to choose one or more ingredients that both of his competitors had to use in their dish, his choices were; Umeboshi, Whole Coconut and Burdock Root. Scott kept the coconut for himself, gave the umeboshi to Ariane and the burdock root to Carla. Scott made coconut spaetzle with macadamia crumble. Ariane made ricotta egg dumpling ravioli with cauliflower and turban squash puree. Carla made dairy-free mac and cheese with sweet potato puree. The chef eliminated in this round was Carla.

The last round was the Ideal Meal round, to make a dinner which is easy for parents to make for kids. They each must use two mystery ingredients; Beans and Brussels Sprouts. Scott made a three-bean stuffed meatloaf glazed with apples and served with Brussels sprouts. Ariane made chicken and black bean tacos with Brussels sprouts slaw. The winner of the round who will go on to compete for the $50,000 grand prize was Ariane.

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