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Cook like a pro with local classes


Photo by: epicbeer

Dream of being the next Top Chef? Baffled by the difference between broil and braise? Well look no further. From a one-time evening course, to a series of theme classes, the following Bay Area businesses have you covered as you seek to sharpen your culinary edge:

1. Tante Marie

Tante Marie is well known for their small chef-supervised participation classes. For the novice, Tante Marie offers evening workshops, weekend courses or one-week cooking vacations. For those curious about a profession in the culinary industry, they offer professional programs as well (culinary and pastry).  Up on a hill, cute as a button, with a professional and approachable staff, Tante Marie's 30 years of experience is clear from the second you walk in the door. 

2. Simmer and Sear

Chef Anna Hadley has designed a more personalized approach to cooking classes. Upon request,  she designs the type of class your group may be interested in. Want to share an evening with coworkers experimenting with Korean cuisine? Done. Anna also chooses the space in which the class is held based on the needs and personality of your group. For example,  young, trendy professionals may get a loft in the Mission whereas Noe Valley 40-somethings may get a converted cottage with a garden and outdoor deck.  In addition to personalized group events, Simmer and Sear also hosts the more traditional open-registration classes with themed cooking or singles networking events. Chef Anna can accommodate groups as small as six and as large as forty. 

3. First Class Cooking

If you're a beginner and top-quality, local, seasonal ingredients are important to you, First Class Cooking is your answer. Designed for the novice with approachable recipes and a casual environment, Emily Dellas's  jam-packed course line-up is a popular choice among locals. In addition to her monthly offerings, Dellas offers Premium classes, teaming up with other food professionals for events such as Wine Tasting and Optimum Health Nutrition

4. Sur La Table

From Knife Skills to Summer Pies and Tarts, Sur La Table offers Participation and Demonstration classes and includes tastings and recipe packets to take home.  With professional quality tools and equipment, you can also rent out Sur La Table's kitchen space and enjoy private cooking lessons for your next  group or corporate gathering. The best part? After class, participants can  pick up a few new gadgets to help keep the inspiration alive back at home. 

5. Cooks Boulevard

Cooks Boulevard is Noe Valley's neighborhood cookware shop, offering specialty foods, cookware, a weekly knife sharpening service, and a wide selection of fun yet practical participation courses for the home chef. Upcoming options include:  Fun and Easy Food For a Crowd, and Pizza Workshop. If you don't see a class that speaks to you, suggest one and you just might see it on the next roster.