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Conyers, the Constitution, global whatever, and the minimum wage

Is global warming/nuclear winter/climate change generally accepted among the scientific community? According to the Obama Administration, yes. But not according to the scientific community itself. An excellent article in the Wall Street Journal, found here: effectively debunks the science agrees on global warming/nuclear winter/climate change. Yet how many people will actually examine the issue for themselves? Not the Democrats. That's for sure.

John Conyers is back on the ballot in Michigan, and many think this is a good thing. Some believe it for valid Constitutional reasons, and that's okay. Some believe it because they think Conyers merits a spot in history (he would become the longest tenured Congressman ever if reelected); that's not so okay. Longevity means little to real public service, and Conyers has been such a leftist radical as to leave no significant legacy other than time of service. Having said that, it's not okay to want Conyers off the ballot simply because he's long been off the deep end. You're not likely to get anyone better anyway, and revenge however modest just ain't pretty. Let Mr. Conyers and his minions have their day in the sun. It's all they've really got.

Anyone who favors raising the minimum wage doesn't understand basic economics. It's not about what the worker wants but about the value of the work. That's why there's no talk about a minimum wage for doctors: there are fewer of them and the jobs they do tend to be highly specialized and high risk. They get paid in light of that. Yet anybody can sweep a floor. This isn't to disparage floor sweepers but, let's face it, the skill set is lower. The chore doesn't merit much pay. If you raise the minimum wage for floor sweepers you'll just get more bosses sweeping floors. Why pay someone else to do what you can go ahead and do yourself, and much more cheaply, depending on the exact wage requirements of the job.

There's a quick three hits for your consideration this Tuesday. Whether we've struck out or tripled in two runs is up to you.

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