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Conviction upheld of man who victimized teens for stealing medical marijuana

Allen Roy Brontkowski
Allen Roy Brontkowski
Allen Roy Brontkowski - Michigan Department of Corrections

Michigan’s Court of Appeals (COA) released an opinion on Tuesday affirming the conviction of a man involved in a case where he and two other individuals “were accused of duct-taping and assaulting four teenage boys, who they claimed broke into [a] home to steal … medical marijuana.”

The appellant, Allen Roy Brontkowski, was found guilty in 2012 by a Macomb County jury of four counts of unlawful imprisonment, assault, extortion and possession of a firearm during a felony.

The Detroit News reported on this case back in June of 2011 and revealed that: “Sterling Heights Detective Jackie Calhoun stated that that all of the suspects told the teens that they would "kill them and their family if they contacted police.”

A September 2012 article published by C & G News disclosed that the three defendants "lured several teenagers to [one of their] house[s] … and held them against their will, beating and threatening them in the basement. Defense attorneys maintained that the men were making a citizen’s arrest, and Brontkowski’s lawyer, Robert Elsey, alleged that the teens were returning to the house for another go-round after a marijuana theft from the house a few days prior. Prosecutors argued that the men were enacting vigilante justice.”

The COA's March 25 opinion indicates that Brontkowski’s appellate attorney argued that his client “was denied due process and his right to confront witnesses because the prosecutor did not reveal the complete plea agreement he had with the coconspirator witness, specifically that the witness could receive a more lenient sentence than his official agreement.” The COA ultimately held that “there was no reasonable probability of a different outcome had [Brontkowski’s] jury been informed of any possible leniency because of the testimony of other witnesses. The coconspirator witness attributed less fault to defendant than any other eyewitness …”

Brontkowski was sentenced in the Macomb Circuit Court to serve 57 months to 20 years for the extortion conviction, 57 months to 15 years for the unlawful imprisonment conviction, 93 days for assault, and two years for felony firearm. Michigan’s Department of Corrections website shows that Brontkowski is currently confined at the Central Michigan Correctional Facility.

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