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Conviction or Desire

Which rules your life most of the time? Is it convictions concerning your faith or is it desires concerning the pleasures of this world?

We often ask ourselves the question, "Why did I do that?" Why did I sin against the Lord and His Word? Why did I go against my beliefs? Why do I keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again?

The answer involves desires. Many times we let desires dominate our convictions of what is right and what is wrong. We let desires rule over our faith and assume that what we are about to do we can repent of later on or not at all.

Many people live life by their desires and not by the convictions of their faith. Such people usually end up with a lot of guilt and shame because their desires usually lead to sin.

When we look at the great prophets and saints of God in the Bible, we notice that these people lived by their convictions and not by their desires. They had strong convictions because their relationship was strong in the Lord.

Weak convictions usually come from a weak relationship with Christ and the Holy Spirit. This is why desires can overpower convictions so easily many times. It seems that numerous individuals don't see the necessity of getting close to God and creating an intimate relationship with Him.

People tend to grow comfortable with themselves and become complacent in wanting to draw closer to the Lord. However this closeness creates strength in Christ and a strong conviction to serve Him.

Individuals also tend to get confortable in conditions to have things a certain way. We want life to run smooth without any difficulties. Yet life is not that way and the Bible illustrates this. God's Word doesn't try to hide the reality of life.

Strong convictions lead to the hope of eternal life. Strong desires tend to lead to the hope of this world and the temporary pleasures that it brings.

What rules your life today? Convictions or desires?

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