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Convicting Stand-Your-Ground: Bittersweet redemption for killing Jordan Davis?

Jordan Davis and his killer Michael Dunn
Jordan Davis and his killer Michael Dunn
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America has more nice people than bad people, unfortunately bad people in America cast a larger shadow. – TheodoreW.


Saturdays are supposed to be a “fun day”, a day completely devoid of stress. Designated and “designed” to help students and the working class forget about how much they dislike the bureaucratic “bull sh@!” of their weekly existence, most people from Cairo to Hong Kong to Bed-Sty, Brooklyn would wholeheartedly agree that Saturdays were “invented” to relieve stress.

Unfortunately on Saturday [February 15, 2014] due to circumstances beyond their control, tens of millions of Americans found their self to be in a high state of anxiety.

Freshly remembering how Florida’s judicial system allowed George Zimmerman to walk
Scott Free” after being tried and acquitted by what many openly call a “tainted 6 person jury” for stalking, shooting and killing an unarmed Black teenager named Trayvon Martin, it’s more than fair to assume that these same Americans who are also disillusioned and disgusted with Florida’s “Shoot now and ask questions later law”; a law more commonly known as Stand-your-ground, were more than anxious for a sequestered jury of twelve, hunkered down in a trial-deliberation-room, located in Duval County, Florida to hurry up and decide the fate of 47 year-old-defendant, Michael Dunn.

In lieu of recent testimony and evidence presented during the “loud music murder trial”, millions of Americans sincerely believe Michael Dunn represents everything that’s horrifically wrong and profoundly flawed with “Stand-your-ground laws”.

In fact it’s also fair to assume that the majority of individuals who admit to being skeptical about stand-your-ground laws, also strongly believe that a “shoot first and ask questions later” law immorally empowers both Negrophobic and paranoid, schizophrenic-sociopaths to literally get away with committing murder. Everyone knows that dead men tell no tales. If only the shooter survives the violent ordeal, then who is left to dispute his / her story?

Americans want to believe in an impartial Judicial System

Keeping in mind that most Americans are fair people, it’s imperative for us to strongly believe in an impartial judicial system that exonerates the innocent and convicts the guilty, regardless of one’s race, creed, religion or sexual preference, …but we know better don’t we?. Let’s be real America, American history is not always a tale of Daniel Boone ‘s courage and Brigham Young’s self-righteousness…it’s a tale of rape, bondage, carnage and Eminent domain. Am I lying? I think not.

After carefully reviewing the presented evidence and after intently listening to the testimony of eye witnesses, a large segment of Americans came to the conclusion that Michael David Dunn was indisputably both Negrophobic and a schizophrenic-sociopath who felt more compassion for his puppy than he did for the 4 teenagers he shot his semi-automatic pistol repeatedly at in a parked SUV over an argument about loud music coming from the SUV.

However, and there is always a “however”, let us “cross examine”… on the flip side of the “opinion poll” there are millions of Americans who feel that a culture of “Black thuggery” poses an imminent and most present danger to their self, their loved ones and their property.

In their mind anyone wearing a dark colored hoodie and listens to the music of T.I. and Jay-Z are automatically a thug, …forgetting that their own grandchildren, their own sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and cousins fit the same description.

Most of Americans who were paying attention to the trial understood that Dunn would either be exonerated for discharging his pistol 10 times into a parked vehicle that was full of Black teens whose music (according to Dunn) was too loud, that consequently sparked a heated exchange of words that consequently sparked Dunn shooting and killing an unarmed 17 year-old named Jordan Davis who sat in the rear of the SUV or he would spend the rest of his natural life in prison.

Oh…and again his entire defense rested on his testimony that in the parking lot of a convenience store in Jacksonville, Florida on November 23, 2012, after having a verbal confrontation with several young Black males sitting in an adjacent vehicle to his, over the volume of the music being played in their vehicle, He instantly feared for his life because he was verbally threatened and “He thought he saw a pistol, a shot gun or something that looked like a pipe in the back seat of the SUV”.

Police investigators concur that there was no weapon in the SUV because the SUV never left the parking lot after Dunn opened fire on it. Michael Dunn not only left the scene of the shooting, he never called the police, he proceeded to take his girlfriend to a motel, walked the dog and ordered a pizza. Strange behavior for a person who just shot 10 times into a vehicle full of teenagers because he feared for his life.

What’s super odd is that Dunn who repeatedly claims to have feared for his life, never mentioned to his girlfriend [as she later testified under oath], “that any of the young men in the SUV pulled a “gun-like” weapon on him”.

Dunn’s trial which has been branded by the media as “The loud music murder trial” puts to test the often whispered question if some courts in Dixie, U.S.A. still are unwilling to pronounce a “mysterious Black death” as a homicide or better still, charge a well-regarded White person with First Degree Murder for killing a “Negro”. Whether it’s true or false, it’s a relevant question and a relevant perception as too many people who live below the Mason Dixon Line can attest to.

Waiting to Exhale – The Verdict

After nearly 32 hours of examining the evidence, the jury finally concluded that Dunn was guilty of three (3) counts of second-degree, attempted murder and one (1) felony count of discharging a deadly projectile.

Collectively across the United States opponents of “stand your ground” exhaled a very deep sigh of relief.

Although the jury whose racial composition was comprised of 4 White males, 1 Hispanic male; 4 White women, 2 Black women and 1 Asian woman, were unable to unanimously agree that Michael Dunn was guilty of committing First Degree Murder for maliciously shooting ten times into a parked SUV full of young Black men, ultimately killing 17 year-old Jordan Davis, (creating a “hung jury” for only that one particular charge) the guilty verdict associated with the 4 “lesser charges” ensures (excluding some miraculous appeal) 47 year-old Michael David Dunn will in all probability never again see the “light of freedom” from outside a prison complex.

Outside the courthouse protestors demanded a first degree, murder conviction for the death of 17 year-old Jordan Russell Davis and although State Attorney Angela Corey vows to re-try Michael Dunn for “murder one” protestors want to know why the prosecuting team was unable to secure a conviction.

Critics of the trial’s prosecutors question why State Attorney Angela Corey, who by-the-way also supervised the George Zimmerman losing-prosecuting-team, did not instruct her lawyers to aggressively challenge Dunn’s radically negative opinions of Blacks as expressed in his racially charged letters written in jail to family and friends, and neither did they aggressively challenge Dunn’s girlfriend, Rhonda Rouer who claimed under oath that Dunn told her, “I hate thug music” just prior to the confrontation that led to 17-year-old Jordan Davis’ death.

In one letter, Dunn claimed that the state attorney's office is playing legal games and trying to break him financially with fees. He also accused them of being overly sympathetic to Blacks.

Dunn: "It's spooky how racist everyone is up here and how biased toward Blacks the courts are. This jail is full of Blacks and they all act like thugs," he noted. He went on to say, "This may sound a bit radical but if more people would arm themselves and kill these **** idiots when they're threatening you, eventually they may take the hint and change their behavior."

In a letter to his girlfriend Dunn discussed plans to relocate once the trial was over in order to put the entire ordeal of the trial behind him. He noted that he had the "truth and the law on his side" however he also expressed concerns about the potential racial makeup of the jury.

"My fear is that if I get Blacks on my jury it will be a mistrial, as I am convinced they will be racially biased," he wrote.

Throughout the entire ordeal the parents of slain teen Jordan Russell Davis, the honorable Mr. Ron Davis and honorable Ms. Lucia Kay Mcbath, have been a pillar of strength and a reflection of dignity. Often fighting back emotional tears they realize no conviction will ever bring back their dead son who would have turned 19 years-old on February 16, 2014.

In closing, sending Michael Dunn to prison for the rest of his life is only half the battle. Lobbyists who work for ultra conservative entities with unlimited financial resources, are the real-life minions who persuade corrupt politicians to pass legislation that empowers the super wealthy and makes peasants of everyone else living “outside their own private world”.

In their opinion, “Corporations are people”.

Organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council better known as ALEC are metaphorically the bee hives where “busy bees” draft heavily flawed legislation like “Stand your ground”.

Prematurely having to bury a child is a parent’s worst nightmare. On Saturday which is supposed to be a “Stress-Free” day, a good portion of Americans were both semi-stressed and in the end, somewhat satisfied that the conviction of Michael Dunn on “lesser charges” for at least 60 years would rid the “outside world” with at least one less Negrophobic and schizophrenic-sociopath, and although it won’t bring back the Jordan Russell Davis, the verdict warns yahoos throughout the United States that killing Black folk and getting away “Scot- Free” is a “thing of the past”.

To the young men who survived Michael Dunn's life threatening assault. Be strong. For whatever reason you've been spared. Live a life that's dedicated to ending ignorance and hate. Make Jordan proud.

Shout -outs

A “Shout-out” to 54 year-old Theodore Wafer who needlessly and callously shot Renisha McBride in the head with a shotgun for knocking on his door last year in Dearborn, Michigan ...your day in court is coming soon and your future “friends” in prison can’t wait until they meet you.

Last but not least, a shout-out to the yahoos in East Texas who murdered Alfred Wright in cold blood November 2013. Never forget that “what’s done in the dark, eventually comes to light”. Your day of being judged is coming soon.

As always, the New Orleans Examiner is interested in what you think. Should State Attorney Angela Corey re-try Michael Dunn although it appears certain he will be faced with spending at least 60 years in prison for convictions on “lesser crimes”? Inquiring minds wanna know. Sound off.

Until next time, Good day, God Bless and Good Fishing.

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