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Convicted murderer Jodi Arias to serve as her own lawyer at sentencing

In a Maricopa County, Arizona, courtroom on August 4, convicted killer Jodia Arias, 34, received approval from Judge Shirley Stevens to act as her own attorney at the upcoming penalty phase of her murder trial. Although the judge warned Arias about the pitfalls of being her own lawyer, Stevens ultimately approved Arias’ request, according to Yahoo! News.

Arias was convicted of the first degree murder of boyfriend Travis Alexander.  She could get the death penalty in her upcoming sentencing trial.
The State vs Jodi Arias/Facebook
The judge advised Arias that with the death penalty on the table, serving as her own lawyer ‘would not be in her best interest.’
The State vs Jodi Arias/Facebook

Arias had previously admitted to killing her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in court. Although she was using a self-defense defense, she was convicted of Alexander’s first degree murder in May 2013. In the sentencing phase of the Arias courtroom drama, Arias has a new trial coming up with a new jury where the jury will decide whether or not she’ll be receiving the death penalty.

Fox News reported that as her own counsel, Arias would be going up against prosecutor Juan Martinez in court. The judge told her today that with the death penalty staring at her, serving as her own lawyer “would not be in her best interest.” Arias’ current legal team will support her in the upcoming trial and be available to provide advice and answer questions.

The new trial, with Arias back in the spotlight and acting as her own attorney will hit the airwaves in September. Depending on the outcome of the upcoming trial, Arias could be looking at life in prison, or get the death penalty. Containing elements combining sex, lies and brutal violence, the Jodi Arias drama has received sensational attention worldwide.

He [Alexander] was stabbed nearly 30 times, had his throat slit and was shot in the forehead. Prosecutors argued it was premeditated murder carried out in a jealous rage when Alexander wanted to end their affair

According to The Houston Chronicle, Arias is currently spending her time in solitary confinement in Phoenix’s Estrella Jail where for 23 hours a day she lives in a 7-by-11-foot prison cell. Arias gets one hour outside of her cell every day. Otherwise, she “eats, sleeps and goes to the bathroom in her cell, always being watched by authorities.”

During the day, the convicted murderer exercises, reads, draws, and runs her own business. Arias is selling jailhouse drawings online from her website, Reportedly, Arias is not keeping any money she makes through the sales of her drawings.

"The money goes to other causes, including charity. Some goes to my family, who is struggling badly like so many. There is a mistaken belief that me selling my art is somehow unethical or unlawful. That's false. Everything I do with regard to my art is well within the law," Arias wrote.

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