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Michael David Elliot: Convicted murderer escapes jail, allegedly abducts woman

A convicted murderer escapes from prison and allegedly abducts a woman according to reports. On Feb. 2, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Michael David Elliot escaped from the Ionia correctional facility on Sunday night. According to police, Elliot escaped prison and abducted a woman and drove with her to Indiana with her. The woman, however, is now safe.

"Elliot is believed to be driving a red 2004 Jeep Liberty with a black grill cover and Michigan license plate 5FTG55. After escaping prison he carjacked a woman. She was able to escape when they stopped for gas," The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

When a convicted murderer escapes from prison (although it doesn't happen often), people tend to be on edge. There have been several warnings issued by police in various areas of the country as many believe that Elliot is dangerous. Police don't know if Elliot is armed, but given his criminal history, he likely has bad intentions.

Michael David Elliot had been serving a life sentence for murdering four people. It's unclear how he was able to slip past security but there is likely going to be an investigation to see what happened and how it can be prevented in the future.

The convicted murderer might have escaped through the "sally port," which is used to bring in new prisoners.

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