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Convicted kidnapper switches his semen for others at fertility clinic

Annie Branum was conceived through artificial insemination and found out her father's sperm had been switched with a convicted kidnappers
Annie Branum was conceived through artificial insemination and found out her father's sperm had been switched with a convicted kidnappers

A young woman discovered that her biological father is a convicted kidnapper. Her parents had chosen to use artificial insemination after years of trying to get pregnant only to find out that the convicted kidnapper switched out the intended father’s sperm for his own.

Annie Branum’s mother, Pam Branum and her husband went to Reproductive Medical Technologies, Inc. to undergo artificial insemination in 1991 after spending years trying to get pregnant. The fertility clinic, Reproductive Medical Technologies, Inc. is associated with the University of Utah.

None of the Branum’s questioned Annie’s parentage until her mother decided to hire a genealogical service to research their ancestry through DNA. Pat Branum didn’t receive results she was expecting.

DNA testing revealed that Annie and her father were not father and daughter. They weren’t related at all. At first, Pat Branum and her husband believed there had been some kind of mistake at the fertility clinic.

Turns out, the “mix up” was an intentional semen swap. Pam Branum used the DNA markers to trace the DNA sample to a woman who revealed that her cousin, Thomas Lippert had been a receptionist at the fertility clinic in question.

While the Branum’s were unable to speak with Thomas Lippert because he died in 1997, they were able to speak to his mother. Lippert’s mother who is 99 years-old provided Pat Branum with a DNA swab to test against Annie’s DNA.

Thomas Lippert was proven through his mother’s DNA to be the biological father of Annie Branum. Making matters worse was the fact that Thomas Lippert was a convicted kidnapper.

The University of Utah has stated they will help families find out if Thomas Lippert fathered any of their children. Here is the universities official statement:

“There are no remaining records from RMT (Reproductive Medical Technologies) to prove the claim and the man in question has been deceased since 1997. Consequently, it is unknown how this incident might have happened.”

“In addition, there is no evidence to indicate this situation extends beyond the case in question. We understand this information has been upsetting for the family and other clients of RMTI. We want to help alleviate this distress by providing professional genetic testing for RMTI clients who were treated between 1988 through 1994.”

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