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Convertible folding knife for campers and hunters

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Hunters, hikers and campers are always looking for ways to save space and weight, and a tool that can replace multiple other tools can help accomplish this. The Bladetech U.L.U (Universal Locking Utility) fits the bill admirably due to it's innovative multipurpose design.

The knife features a four-inch blade and is 4 7/8" overall when closed. The AUS-8 stainless blade holds a very sharp edge and resists corrosion well. The broad curved blade is ideally suited to any number of camp-chores, from food preparation to preparing blinds or improvised shelters. The knife is very light-weight and slides easily into a pocket, pouch or pack where it can be secured using the reversible stainless steel clip. The teardrop-shaped hole in the base of the blade allows the blade to be opened one-handed for easy use.
The really unique feature of this knife is that the blade may be locked in two separate positions. Simply open the blade normally and it locks into place in the conventional position. But if you press the button in the rubber-covered aluminum handle the blade can be retracted into the handle edge-out in the fashion of the traditional Alaskan Ulu knife. In this position the blade can be used for dicing herbs, scraping or caping game animals.
The aluminum-covered handle is coated in black or high-visibility Blaze Orange rubber for a comfortable and secure grip. The latter is particularly useful in the wild, making it easier to find the knife should you happen to set it down or drop it.
The innovative design, light-weight and utility of this knife make it an ideal choice for outdoor recreation, emergency kits and survival uses. Modestly priced between $45-$50 from most retailers this useful and clever tool is built to offer years of service.


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