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Conversing with Michael's Circle of Love: INTERVIEW ONE

Together we are one
Together we are one
MCOL Facebook

Before God, we are all equally wise, and equally foolish. -Albert Einstein

Michael's circle of love see's each one as equal. The interviews are therefore anonymous. In addition, there is more than one voice to speak. This is the first voice we will hear, more voices are to come.

How did Mcol come about?

It all began after Michael Jackson (MJ) passed June 25, 2009. Most of us had never been active in Social medias or discussion forums before – and though most of us never before experienced a need to socialize and talk to other Michael Jackson-pupils (I prefer pupils instead of fans), we suddenly did.

Most of us – or most of the original core/”old sisters” (that little flock who were there from the beginning) went – as led by an invisible hand - directly to Michael Jackson Fan Club Forum, where “The Spiritual Thread” (ST) soon was created.

The Spiritual Thread was a thread to talk about spiritual matters, to study spirituality together, to help each other and other people (with spiritual matters as well as with personal worries from our every day lives) – and not the least to study MJ; his work, his life and his messages from a spiritual angle.

This came about in July 2009, and those who joined into ST, immediately felt a soul kinship. We simply “knew” each other, even though we never did meet on the physical level - yet.

We started to talk (write in the thread) every day. October 30th 2009, it was suggested in SP that we did a monthly online meditation. The meditation was led by one of us online – via written guidelines – and also, it was suggested that we did the meditation every day by ourselves; but always together with the group in spirit. That is, in meditation, we united spiritually (on the soul level) with our sisters and brothers (group members) and with MJ, too, in order to create a LOVE flow from us to MJ and back… and then the group reflected the love back to all the world.

As such, both the monthly meditation and the daily meditations had several aims: To unite us all in spirit, to create a circuit of a universal LOVE-flow in order to send love to MJ, to the group – and to all the world. In the meditations, we imagined ourselves sitting or standing in a Circle. Many of us, spontaneously in the meditations saw MJ in the center of the Circle. I did that the first time I ever did the meditation. And so, Michael’s Circle of Love MCOL was created.

As MJFC Forum in late spring 2012 had to close, we wisely enough had created a new “home” for ourselves – in Facebook. We did that both because we had felt beforehand that the days of MJFC were limited – but because Facebook is a good platform from where you can reach out to many more people.

As MJFC closed, SP had been/read seen more than 400,000 times. It consisted of about 35,000 posts and about 3,500 full pages. We had MANY “silent followers”, and I know MCOL meant a big difference to many silent followers because of the LOVE we always focused on in there.

Tell us a little about yourselves and what Mcol means to you.
About me personally: I have a university degree in communication and politics and I do have a “normal” full time job as a communications manager in a larger private company. In addition to that, I have been a spiritual all my life. I make for a living as a writer, but I work also with astrology, healing, Bach Flower remedies and spiritual guidance, too. I write articles about spiritual matters of many different kinds. I grew up in a “multi-religious” family that was very special –and with a father who was very spiritual way before that became “mainstream”.

MCOL means the world to me. The members, particularly the are my (spiritual) family, and we are involved with each other’s lives all the time. MCOL is the physical outlet/meeting point for our soul activities – and a venue for spreading MJ’s messages of LOVE and healing the world. MCOL on Facebook is a venue also for allowing new members to join us; in order to support the group’s purpose: To study spirituality together in order to grow spiritually and become better to live out our soul purpose – and to find our individual ways of spreading MJ’s messages in order to heal the world.

MCOL is more than just a union of people with the same interests. MCOL is a spirit in itself and we, the members, make up the different parts of this spirit. This spirit, again, is a sister spirit to likeminded groups – who are, again, related spiritually to other spiritual groups and so on… and we see no end. We are ALL (and ALL means Mankind) ONE.

Are there any special rules?
No, not really. But we have a natural “group code” or “group behavior” that just happened to manifest itself from the very beginning: As a member of MCOL, you will naturally be open to other spiritual sets of beliefs than only your own. You will naturally accept that your own truth is not the only one – but a fragment of a much larger truth that we can only try to understand together… since each of us (perhaps) possess a little part of this much larger truth. It’s like a puzzle: We all carry a little piece of “the truth” – and only when we get together, we can see the bigger picture. Thus, we never disagree, but we see our different opinions as additions – not oppositions – to each other.

This is not something that we have been very clear about from the start, though we eventually wrote our “About”/mission statement and incorporated the “codes” in this “About”. The “About is not a static mission statement. It develops as the group does the same. We started to write it, because we created a Yahoo group that could serve as a “back up” for us, when the MJFC went down technically (what happened rather often and made us panic, could we not find each other).
As we moved into Facebook in late November 2012, we used this “About” also in there – and we sometimes add a little or re-phrase a little. But at the core, our “group code, simply just happened to manifest itself as described – and shows itself in the way, MCOL acts and LIVES and LOVES. It is just the way it is. Being a MCOL member, you naturally talk with love and respect to other people. Always.

MCOL want to “feed the positive”, not the “negative”. It is not that we close our eyes and see everything with rosy glasses. We DO see a crying world. In general - and in our own lives, too. And when we experience something that saddens or scares us or makes us angry, we talk about it in a loving way. We embrace the “negative” with love – and give it space in order for us to become able to leave the negative behind. And we always, always try to see challenges and difficulties in life as part of a bigger, spiritual picture and as part of the spiritual path we are walking here, in this Earthly life experience.

As MCOL has entered Facebook we have experienced, though, that we needed to be a little more clear about our “group behavior”. This is because we constantly get new members (we are more than 500 now), and it goes so fast that the new members don’t always get to feel and realize the depths of our group’s severity and purpose - before they start to post. But, only rarely have we experienced someone out of context with the group’s spirit. FAR most new members “get it” – and indeed, we can thank MJ for that. It is indeed because of him that we have these instinctive ways of kind behavior and LOVE as our basis. Most MJ pupils simply just get that. Instinctively and at heart.

What is acceptable an unacceptable to be a member of Mcol?
Everything is acceptable as long as you act with love and respect to your fellow human travelers – and to the group and group purpose as such.

It is not acceptable to talk badly about people - or to people. If we experience a member who talks badly about or to others, we contact them privately and ask them to kindly respect the “group code”. And if we experience people with a lot of hate in their hearts (we did experience that), we do a good job trying to help this person get rid of the hate.

Oh, yes, another “rule”: MCOL page is not a place to advertise for shades or shoes… haha.. !

Is Mcol a faith journey?
MCOL is what you put into it yourself. If you want it to be a faith journey – or need it to be so in different periods in your life, then it can have this function. But I don’t see it as a faith journey in the traditional way. It is not like a religion, since we don’t have very defined truths that we claim to be more true than any other sets of beliefs. Therefore, you cannot really say that MCOL is a faith journey, because what we believe in has many nuances and facets.

What does the group believe?
We believe in Oneness and unconditional love – love without any conditions. Actually Oneness IS love, because if you really believe we are all ONE “you are just another part of me” – and then you cannot but loving everyone. But Oneness doesn’t mean we are all the same. Because we are also individual souls with our unique talents, gifts and challenges – to offer to ONENESS. So, our “faith” can have many faces… but in the end of the day, our different beliefs add to the bigger picture. This picture is LOVE… since LOVE embraces ALL There Is and as such again is an expression of Oneness.

How do we express oneness in the group: For example, we have created documents where we all describe what we mean and understand, for example, as “oneness” (or unconditional love or whatever) … and no particular description is “the right one”. Only together the different descriptions make up a picture that comes closer to the concept of oneness. With more members, the picture become more and more fulfilled.

How would you describe your personal faith journey now?
As ever learning ever more; ever trying to expand my consciousness and trying to get ever more into touch with the divine spark in my being; ever trying to act from this divine spark instead of from “my little ego”.

Can you tell a little about the collective journey?
Yes. We discuss spiritual matters and ideas and encourage each other’s spiritual studies. We ponder on concepts and ideas. We analyze dreams together. We also have a booklist where we add books the whole group or different members find worthy to read when one tries to expand spiritually. We help and support each other in these processes. It is an ongoing learning process – that also seems to be going on in cycles. We have periods of low activity, periods of doubt and “drowsiness” – and periods where our learning processes take quantum leaps. Fortunately we don’t feel “drowsy” all at one time – and then we help each other to get through these “low” periods”.

How have you grown?
Oh yes. Constantly. We all have and continue to grow. And I am firmly convinced we could not have grown so much alone. We can only do that because of the group – and because of our “older brother”.

Has God AS YOU UNDERSTAND HIM/HER blessed Mcol ?
Not anymore than God/The Greater Whole/All There Is blesses everyone who asks for blessings – or asks to be guided by love and light. Also, It is my personal opinion that we all are offshoots of the Divine… we all have “fragments” of God in our souls – and when we, with pure intents and hearts, do something that support the group’s purpose, we use that fragment of God within to bless the groups purpose.
PLEASE don’t misunderstand me:
I indeed don’t feel we are extraordinarily selected by God. Instead, one can say, that MCOL chose to select God - in an extraordinary way.

Looking at your personal gifting/passions, how would you prioritize the three typical roles of leadership/maturity in the group? Leading, Teaching, and Mentoring?
I have to say that I cannot prioritize. The group – and the different members – take upon us – all three roles at different times and for different occasions. I will also say that it is a HUGE part of our leadership to learn also. Because only by learning yourself, you can teach others. Inspiration is another word that comes to my mind.

VISION/PHILOSOPHY/STRATEGY What is your vision for a spiritually effective Mcol in the future?
HA! Could I only say this in very few words. I will try: One vision between many is to grow in numbers as well as in spiritual development – so that we can inspire ever more people to find their true inner light, the unique strength of their inner core, their pure inner child that speaks and acts upon love only – so that they can pay forward this inner light/core/child to ever more people… in order to fulfill our own and MJ’s true goal: To Heal The World.
This sounds rather lofty… but, you see, we do not work alone. Many, many groups work for the same… but in different ways. And I see MCOL as one piece of the BIG puzzle it is to Heal the World. When we work with such horizons, I do feel we are “spiritually effective”.

What is your philosophy for developing oneness?
It is to try to understand oneness to an ever increasing degree. Understanding oneness for real is probably the biggest challenge a spiritual being has to face in this earthly experience. And, I see it as the biggest challenge for Mankind in general.

SPIRITUAL BELIEFS How does Michael Jackson touch the faith of Mcol?
In every possible way! MJ brought us together. His ideas of oneness, peace, love and healing – he actually do express them so beautifully in his life as Michael Jackson, in his music, dancing, lyrics, books and art work – make up the basis of MCOL. You know… for example, when MJ made “Black or White” and did the morphing… that is an expression of oneness. And you may think I am crazy, but MJ made that morphing through all the races himself – physically. He (as the physical MJ on the physical level) didn’t plan to do this morphing on his own being, he had different diseases that happened to change his looks. But MJ was truly very intelligent. And I am rather sure he noticed the likeliness between the morphing in his own video and in his own life, on his own body – and I believe he knew it had a (soul) purpose: To show us, with his own flesh and blood, what oneness is about: To show us that we are All in One and that ONE is within ALL.
Yes, I believe MJ’s soul planned this morphing before he incarnated as MJ… but that’s another story.

He is, in a way, our older brother. Our mentor and torch of light. We don’t see him as a distant divinity. We see him as very present in our lives – and we hope to expand so much ourselves, eventually, over eons of lifetimes, so that we can become torches like him. We don’t see MJ as elevated compared to us. But while we go to the 1st grade, he is a graduate. We will become graduates ourselves, eventually. Say MJ and you push a button and I can speak books about how MJ inspired the MCOL… smile..

What or who else (past and present) has shaped your beliefs?
Almost everything and everyone. If you open your inner eyes, you will see spiritual miracles all over and in the hearts of all people around you. What shapes my beliefs? Of course I find inspiration in figures like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi… you name them… Oh, can I say Barrack Obama, too?

I have also read and found many truths in what is also called “The Ageless Wisdoms”
But I also find inspiration in my nephew when he is full of pure, childlike love and happiness. Or in my mother when she forgives those who hurt so much. Or in the magic between dusk and dawn. In the movement of the stars, the sun and the moon. In the blessings of a new life – or a new day. Everything shapes my beliefs.
I will have to add that I had many, many encounters, throughout all my life, with the spiritual world. In almost every possible way. That, of course, have not shaped, but underlined and confirmed to me my spiritual sets of beliefs.

Describe some of the things that delight you about Mcol.
That I actually feel true oneness and see true, universal love at work in our group. This gives me hope and encourages me to Keep The “Faith”.

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