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Conversing with MCOL: INTERVIEW TWO

Unity and love
Unity and love
Mcol: Facebook

This is the second interview for The Michael Jackson Circle of Love. This small society does not present itself with only one voice, each one is respected and together they form a more complete picture. It is a matter of equality. For that same reason all interviewee's have chosen to be anonymous.

From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor’s rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own. -Carl Shurz

How did Mcol come about?
MCOL came about on the MJFC Forum when several like-minded Michael supporters met with the purpose of discussing Michael and his possible spiritual symbolism and possible spiritual mission.

Tell us a little about yourselves and what Mcol means to you.
Myself . . . The things I have been most passionate and have been most consistent in my life is my connection to Michael Jackson, my love for playing basketball, and creating. A Michael lover since before I can remember; A late 70’s earth born babe so my life began around the time when Michael was beginning his solo career and he’s always had a place in my life. Right now 911 dispatching pays my bills but I am working toward supporting myself through my creativity. Over the past few years I have been inspired by Michael’s example and have been taking steps to make my dreams a reality. I have become engaged in eventually establishing my own production company with interests in film/video and animation as well as publication: blogging, story writing, and graphic novels. Most of my young life I passionately pursued a basketball career that paid off with an English degree and a couple of professional level tryouts. I’ve also coached at the varsity level as well as officiated youth and scholastic leagues.

I’ve always had a strong desire and love for learning. I was and am always trying new and exciting things and this enhanced my many talents and personal endeavors and later my conscious spiritual journey. Over my life I’ve cultivated a love of drawing, music (drums and tenor saxophone and recently the bass guitar), reading, and writing at a young age and indulged in these activities as hobbies. I was versed in the Christian tenants in my youth but never related to all its ideals.

My family was split as far as religion: one eventually became a devout Christian and the other had no obvious interest in any religious matters. I never had any clear and or focused adherence to any particular spiritual or religious path. Although I did research many different religions/sciences, mainly out of curiosity. Doing this I was able to recognize they had a lot of the same elements positive and negative. It wasn’t until about 8 years ago that I began to consciously open up spiritually. I never fit in any one label and am a non- conformist by nature. I have been labeled an athlete, an artist, a writer, a philosopher, a dancer, and a mediator.

When I found MCOL I found a place that I could fit in. My thoughts, ideas, and beliefs even my quirks, are all accepted here. Also it’s like for me a rare experience how relationships between people should be or is meant to be.

MCOL is my best team; A team that I can finally feel good to committing too. My athletic background among other experiences in my life I was adapted into working with in a team/group structure. I had experienced all the success, losses, bonding, mind-games, competition, and politics that also came along with it. Some were good experiences and some were bad but I eventually discovered even the bad taught me something. I have come realize a huge part of my passion for basketball/sports also was motivated by an innate love for being part of the team. To be working together, achieving together, building relationships, connected. I’ll admit that there is something that soothes me on many levels about working in harmony with others to pursue and achieve a goal. When I decided to join MCOL I had no idea what to expect but I’ve come to find that this is thus far the best group/team experience that I have had and it all seem to fall in line organically. So MCOL to me is like the pinnacle of team/group/family experience I have ever had.

Are there any special rules? What is acceptable an unacceptable to be a member of Mcol?
The only rule is that I can think of it you have love and or respect for Michael Jackson and the messages of love that he shared through his life.

Is Mcol a faith journey? What does the group believe?
I believe for some it is a faith journey. I don't feel the MCOL is a "faith journey" for me, however, I think it is a part of my personal faith journey.

How would you describe your personal faith journey now?
My personal faith journey is a discovery of “source” and the discovery of as part of “source.” It is a process of an unveiling of sorts and stripping down of my layers to heal and re establish a conscious working connection with my soul and hence to the source/the divine. With this connection eventually be able to “download and stream” my highest soul contribution and to reflect this connection into every interaction within my life. Giving myself over to source in hopes to carry out the highest purpose that I was born to fulfill.

Can you tell a little about the collective journey? How have you grown?
Well we started off we were strangers, some consciously on a spiritual journey, some stumbling along the path and some just embarking on the path. We all shared grief at the transition of Michael and were looking for others to share our feelings with. Some were Michael Jackson fans their whole lives and some where not familiar with him or his music, but felt a profound since of loss after June 25, 2009. We’ve managed to form a strong bond and connection with each other as we began to post and share a piece of our life and ideas on the forum. We’ve forged familial bonds. Members have found their purposes uncovered individual gifts and nurtured and developed them by contributing as needed in group discussions and events. We’ve become more than a community; a unit of sorts working together to grow spiritually and to share the Messages of Love that Michael.
We are individuals, we came together in love as individuals as a result of our love for Michael, and as we grew as a group we also created a separate energy and entity which is “The Circle” and this energy along with Michael’s soul energy is what guides us as a group.

Has God AS YOU UNDERSTAND HIM/HER blessed Mcol ?
God, as I understand blesses all creations, as the act of creation is God’s. So yes God has blessed MCOL, but it is the responsibility of each individual member to recognize this and revisit this and at times call for a restructure or redefining of things in order to continue to uphold and keep to the highest purpose of creation.

Looking at your personal gifting/passions, how would you prioritize the three typical roles of leadership/maturity in the group? Leading, Teaching, and Mentoring?

I think others may answer this better than myself. I think these are all un-static roles within our group and I believe the Circle’s spirit taps those best able to fulfill the need of each of those roles as the need comes up. Like in one aspect I could be mentored by another member but at another time I could be the teacher, and at another time supported, and in another time a leader. And, possibly it could be more than 1 individual or an individual can have multiple roles at once. WE each have a talent and a knowledge that contributes to the whole and can be lead at anytime to share it. This is a lesson that sometimes I still have to revisit. As there were times that I felt the tap to share something I really didn’t want to share, but did anyway and found that it was a blessing for other members.

What is your vision for a spiritually effective MCOL in the future?

To continue to maintain the highest purpose of the Circle in encouraging and sharing love and connectedness throughout the world; to continue to receive guidance and inspiration from Michael’s shiny example, his spirit, and his love; To allow this to continue to grow as an organic group contribution that is not held or reigned in by a group of collected egos.

What is your philosophy?
Our Philosophy is of Love and Oneness extended to all. We believe there is a place for everyone’s’ experiences, gifts, talents, and truths. We believe in unconditional love being extended to all beings without reservation. Doesn’t mean we condone bad or criminal behavior and acts, however we extend love to the inner being. Michael espoused these philosophies with in his craft and in his daily life actions and we aspire to do the same.

What is your philosophy for developing oneness?
My philosophy for developing oneness begins with in the individual. I believe as individuals we must realize that we not separate from another. We do not exist alone. Everything that we do has an effect on another. At the same time we all have the same basic needs and wants. The way we relate to ourselves is how we will relate to the world around us. I.e.: If we judge ourselves harshly we will direct that outwardly. So to me Oneness begins with self-acceptance and knowledge of self and the recognition of our true individual worth. For some this comes from working for something bigger than themselves, but for others this is a step to being able to work with others. I feel there is more to this, but this is what I can readily identify. 

What role do you see Mcol taking in the future?
I see us a one of the many groups working as disciples of One-ness and Love. Leaving footprints and guideposts along the trail back to “home.”

How does Michael Jackson touch the faith of Mcol?
Well, it was for the love of Michael that we came together. If you ask me each of us embody his character in one way or maybe many ways. I’m not saying we are him, but we all have been inspired by him in some way be it drive, goals, spirituality, humor. In each individual that I have gotten the privilege to know in this group I see a something similar to him in them. In a way it’s like seeing the one connection in us all and in Michael and it reinforces how we are one.
Also the example he provided through his dedication to his craft, the goals he shared for his craft, his very real global appeal and affect; all influence and inspire us to do the same.
Least of all his very real spiritual presence that is revealed in numerous various repeated synchronistic events. Michael’s sparkly fingerprints are all over MCOL.

What or who else (past and present) has shaped your beliefs?
Mostly life experiences and reflection on those has had the biggest shaping factor. Any belief that I have or may have at one time learned and/or decided to cling to were imparted on me but life experience, investigation, synchronicity and reflection of those experiences are what qualifies and shapes my beliefs the most. Then of course my parents and family were big shapers as a youth. But I will say much of what I was taught has shifted greatly. And for the better.

Describe some of the things that delight you about Mcol. Why?
I love when our connections are confirmed spontaneously through dreams, synchronistic events that will arise in the course of each member’s day. It is always delightful and awesome when to have a discussion and most of us have had a similar event happen. Especially regarding Michael.
I also love the fact that I have a place where I can share a profound or not so profound thought about life, Michael, spiritual matters and I’m not shunned or rebuffed.
I also enjoy the emphatic and caring nature of our group when requests for support and love are shared, MCOL responds and the love and light and prayers are always appreciated, even if the situation doesn’t work out as desired one can feel the love of the entire group.

Describe your experience working in a team environment.
I discussed this a bit above in question #2. Practical experience: I have experienced being an on various level athletic teams (both as the star and as the benchwarmer), a manager (on the team but in a support position), and a Coach. Most of my successful job- history encouraged a teamwork design. I have also participated in a leadership seminar designed foster teamwork and group work.

There were times that I had gotten a weary and disillusioned working with in “team” dynamics. I spent most of my life moving amongst teams. Some of them were good; some of them were horrible and, not in the way of wins and losses or championships. But, I quickly learned to identify the best ones were the ones where everyone worked together unselfishly and put their best forward in the pursuit of a goal. In the best ones each team member had a strong understanding that a successful venture relied on each individual putting their individual best forward to unite in a successful group effort.

The best teams there was respect each other and trust for each other. Other teammates didn’t hesitate to run extra laps with a teammate who was lagging behind as support and encouragement. They were organized but in a balanced way where everybody’s role was valued and important from the coach to down to the water/towel girl. They supported each other and wanted each other to do their best because that way the team had the best chance of success. On the best teams even hard work and hard times were rewarding because all were vested in each other and the team goal. It’s rare and hard to find a good team and they take time to develop.

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