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Conversations with Thom Reed, one of the family members of the famous Reed case

A photo of Thom Reed
A photo of Thom Reed
Open Minds

You may have heard about the Reed case, the 1960s case where two brothers, and many townspeople had something strange happened to them because of UFO activity. I was lucky enough to chat with Thom Reed. He talked for a good hour, and I've written down facts that I scribbled down while talking to Mr. Reed.

We talked over the phone, he told me his story. He told many things about the incident. I would like to stress that Reed is a man of facts, he doesn't want his family's story sensationalized. He doesn't tell his story to make money, he does it because it was a promise, him and his brother made after their father's death. They want the real story, not just a dramatization. They have the facts, they went through it, so they know.

To comment about the facts, Thom actually told me that he didn't do some TV stations because he didn't want his story to get out of hand. Not many people do that, most people care about the money, but I will say from talking to Thom, he and his family were never for the money. Like I said, they want to tell the truth!

This happened to Thom Reed when he was young in the 60s. But when this happened in 1969, it wasn't just his family that seen anything. Children of the Sheffield, like Thom, drew sketches of the incident, on what they saw. His picture actually hangs in the Roswell Museum. These sketches were made at the local school, in the 4th Grade Classroom.

But that doesn't mean that everyone in town was nice about what happened to the Reeds. His mother was a single mother, who did well in her life. She actually knew two famous names, Tina Louise, as most know her as Ginger, and Mariette Hartley. His mother had a horse farm, and a restaurant called, "Village of the Green." Well there were some smug people out there, some even acted nasty towards her, so she sold the restaurant. She would later, in the 70s, marry Howard Reed, Thom's stepfather.

WSBS Radio when this happened was reporting the incident too. That's just the first case of evidence. What makes Reed's case so different is the family had evidence. It was investigated by detectives, aerospace, local authorities, polygraph tests, and it even went to the United Nations. It was family Attorney Robert Bletchman that introduced the case in support of GA 33/426.

I want to comment again about the family's evidence, there was radiation and magnetic fields that were found where the incident took place. This was all reported on camera mind you. Also there were over 40 witnesses that saw something strange happening at the Reed homestead.

Reed yesterday actually found a writer for his new book, he's still debating on the title, but he told me he's thinking of the name, "Confirmation." His late father, who was a politician, was going to write a book too on the Sheffield incident, sadly he died before he had the chance. Reed explained to me his feelings about his father's death, all I would like to note that he died from questionable circumstances.This happened in Oct. 2, 2006. His father's name was Howard Reed. As I noted before he was politician, he was also an attorney. Mr. Reed was in office between the years of 85 to 89.

Thom and I talked about Howard, he told me a lot about his connections and his feelings about all these things that went on, all I'm going to say, is Howard knew that the government knew. I think that says it all right there. Why you may ask? He was given many papers that made his decision.

I would like to end this, I asked Thom about what happened to him as a child, and how that affected as kid, he told me this:

It certainly stripped us of normalcy. It opened our eyes, that there was more out there.

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