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Conversation don'ts for first dates

Keep your first date conversation light, fun and breezy
Keep your first date conversation light, fun and breezy
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     I have been dating in South Florida for the past four years. Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Wellington and Palm Beach have been the home town for some pretty interesting dates for me. Some dates were fun and others were just fun to talk about later. The following are a couple of definitely ‘do not talk about’ conversation tips for your first dates.

1- Do not talk about your ex. Although, your divorce or past break ups may have been traumatic for you, this is not the time to explain the dirty details to someone you know only a few hours. This is probably a topic that will be brought up, but nobody really wants the long version. One or two sentences that does not include profanity or tears, is your best bet.

2- Do not drone on for a couple hours telling your new date how popular you were in high school or about your football or cheerleading stardom in college. This is boring to everyone but your parents and if you are over 30, or worse over 40, it is concerning that you are still bragging about that.

3- Do not share the details of your dysfunctional relationship with your brother, sister or parent. Even if you are certain that this is only happening in your family and only because this one family member is a moron and determined to torment your life. This also may be a topic to exclude on your second date as well.

4- Do not talk about politics. This is something that we were all told since we were five, but apparently some people forgot. A first date should be light, fun and breezy. Expanding on your total disgust and disappointment with the current or past government or with the idiocy of the entire opposing party, might come across as a little offensive if your date doesn’t happen to agree.

     For those of you that are concerned that you will now have nothing to talk about, no worries, I will share my list of conversation ‘do’s’ next time.

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  • Jerseygirl 5 years ago

    Good advice! I always laugh when I hear people brag about their accomplishments from 20 years ago. I wonder...geez, did you forget to live your life for the last two decades or what!!! LOL. You didn't mention clothes bragging - it's almost as bad as politics! If a woman goes on-and-on about a shoe sale, chances are the man's not listening...and if he is, chances are he's not straight! LOL.

    I look forward to the recommended list!

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