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Convenient Vegetarian Meals On-The-Go

Vegetarian BLT
Vegetarian BLT

Looking for vegetarian or vegan options at your local restaurant, fast food joint, café, or grocery store? While it may still be disappointing at times to find that there is not necessarily an overabundance of meat and dairy free options offered as conveniently, as say, their carnivorous counterparts, it is getting easier and most companies are realizing that there is a high demand for veg options. Here are some convenient options that are tried and true if you’re looking for your next quick treat:

Starbucks: now while this company prides itself on its mocha and chocolate filled decadence and its milk and cream laden deserts, the chain recently started offering goods to vegetarian consumers. Almost all of the Frappuccinos can now be made vegan by substituting its milk and crème bases with soymilk. Be careful, however, the Frappucino Light Coffee and Crème drinks, even with soymilk, still contain a dairy base. Skip the whipped cream and you are good to go. The chain also carries Lucy’s Cookies which are all vegan. If you are a vegetarian who consumes dairy there are also two Panini’s- the Roasted Vegetable and Tomato and Basil- that are meat-free. Also, the Cranberry Flax muffin and Raspberry Bran scone are both completely vegan.

Panera Bread: Not a whole lot at this chain is vegan, however, there are a few options that are vegetarian and are clearly marked so. There is also an extensive list of the ingredients used in a packet that they hand out if you wish to have one. The vegetarian vegetable soup is excellent as well as the roasted vegetable sandwich and their pastries are divine. Their large selection of salads and vegetarian dressings (the Caesar and ancho-lime dressings, alas, are not even vegetarian) is helpful, as well.

Frozen Foods: Kashi Brand frozen meals are usually a good bet if one is looking for a dish that is uber healthy, vegetarian, and quick. The black bean and mango over rice and the vegetable pasta are insanely delicious and offered at most Kashi-carrying grocery stores.

Soups- all of Amy’s brand soups are vegetarian and most are vegan. The Thai Kitchen Thai peanut noodle bowl is vegan. Progresso Soups (Lentil, Hearty Tomato and the Tomato Basil) are vegan and the Tomato Bisque is vegetarian.

Subway: Making a truly amazing vegetarian sandwich has never been easier. Just pick a bread, add cheese (or, of course, skip it entirely) add veggies and dressing/oil/vinegar/mustard and there you have it! The Italian loaf is vegan and the wheat breads are vegetarian but contain honey.

These are just a few of your options for quick, delicious, healthy and cruelty-free eating. 


  • Just Jay 4 years ago

    Mmm yummy! I am suddenly very hungry and in the mood for Subway. Burger King offers the BK Veggie Burger. It's as good... probably because the ppl behind the counter have no idea how to cook it, but when in a rush I definately do drive-thru there. You call Denny's ahead of time and order any of their burgers with a Boca patty substitue and go pick it up on the go. Chili's also has a take out menu where you can order a black bean burger which is the best I've had. All of the above are vegetarian options not vegan. Great article! I'm enjoying reading your articles. Thx a lot.

  • Just Jay 4 years ago

    What I meant was that the BK Veggie is NOT as good but will do.