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Convenient baby food

Ella's Kitchen has unique blends of fruits and veggies that kids will love!
Ella's Kitchen has unique blends of fruits and veggies that kids will love!

An ever-growing trend is moms finding ways to get around messing with conventional glass jars of food for Baby. They're sometimes difficult to transport from the store, stack in the pantry, and they weigh down diaper bags.

While blending and creating your own food for Baby is the best option since you know what is going into the food and you can pick whatever container you choose, the next best thing are "pouches" of baby food, such as those made by "Ella's Kitchen". Several other brands have jumped on the bandwagon as well, but comparatively, Ella's seems to be the most nutritious and inexpensive.

The best-selling Ella's products seem to be their blends of fruits and vegetables, such as broccoli peas and pears. The pouches are sealed with a shelf life in consideration, so you can keep them in the fridge, pantry, or diaper bag without worry of spoil. All ingredients are touted to be certified organic. Instructions suggest squeezing product onto a a plate or bowl, but many kids prefer to "drink" the product like a juice box-- just be sure an adult is there to handle the lid and keep it from little hands, as it can be choking hazard. Ella's Kitchen pouches are reccommended for ages 4 months and above, but even older children consider them a treat, since the taste and consistency is similar to that of applesauce.

Ella's Kitchen is a UK-based company, but becoming increasingly easier to find in United States, and in the D/FW area. Below is a list of local stores and their usual prices for Ella's Kitchen larger, veggie-blend (stage 1) pouches. Other varieties and stages of foods are also available, although at this time difficult to find in stores.

Click on the store names for some DFW locations near you!
Central Market $1.69
BabiesRUs $1.69 (occasionally on sale in-stores and on for 8/$10, and usually most variety of flavors).
Market Street $1.69 (but occasionally run sales. Early July they were $1.10, mid-July they were 2/$3.00).
Target $1.89 (and not much of a selection of flavors). and also carry Ella's products in bulk.


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