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Controversy with compression garments after tummy tucks

Some plastic surgeons argue that a binder may hinder the blood supply after a tummy tuck.
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San Diego tummy tucks remain one of the top cosmetic surgeries in the area. The reason behind this is due to the dramatic transformation which can occur postoperatively. It literally redefines and reshapes the silhouette, including the waistline.

Patients are thrilled with the surgical outcome.

Following a tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, a San Diego plastic surgeon who specializes in this procedure will guide patients through the recovery process.

One part of this regimen for some patients is wearing a postoperative compression garment.

But this step has become very controversial as to whether or not it is necessary. A group of surgeons have arrived at the consensus that binders are recommended when liposuction is utilized during a tummy tuck. A binder can be advantageous following a liposuction and is worn for a few weeks.

Conversely, if a tummy tuck has been performed without liposuction some surgeons agree there is no need for a compression or support garment.

In cases such as this, some plastic surgeons argue that the binder may be hindering the blood supply to the abdominal flap.

However, in the event a liposuction was performed at the time of a tummy tuck, the binder should not be applied tightly for the first few days as to encourage blood supply and flow to the abdominal flap. During a postoperative visit, a surgeon will determine whether or not the blood supply is sufficient enough to take the next step in applying the support garment more firmly to benefit those liposuction results.

During a tummy tuck consultation, it’s important to discuss with a potential board certified plastic surgeon as to whether or not they implement a postoperative compression garment and why. Remember that the consultation is a patient’s opportunity to learn more about the intended procedure, as well as establishing a rapport with the plastic surgeon to determine that they are the right match.

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