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Controversy over what to feed the dog

Fresh foods are good for Fido!

Let’s face it, marketers are everywhere and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get us to use their products. Many times this works like a charm, but people forget the facts that are presented right in front of their faces because they are so drawn to whatever advertisers are telling them through the various sources of mass media.

Let’s take dog food for instance. When pet foods first came out they were made with disgusting by-products like horse meat. Well, many of the popular brands out there today, while not using horse meat, are still using cast-off pieces of animals that human beings would not think to eat (unless in a hotdog).

People continuously argue over whether or not to feed the dog table scraps. Well, the simple truth of the matter is no matter what, you may be feeding Fido scraps anyway – in the form of dog food!

Of course this does not mean that if we have a bowl of ice cream that we should serve the dog one, too. It also is not an indicative that we feed junk foods or fatty foods to our pets. None of those things are good for human beings either!

If only pet parents would take into consideration that pet foods have to be made of something, they would see that some of the things are the same as what human beings eat. We just eat a better cut of the meats and fresher veggies and fruits.

If we all took that into consideration, wouldn’t we come up with the fact that we could be increasing Fido’s longevity by feeding him or her ‘good’ table scraps and not the crap out of the bags? Several dog food manufacturers get the gist and are offering not only better cuts of meats, but fresher ingredients and vitamin sources overall.

While it may not be feasible for each and every pet parent to conjure up a fresh meal for Fido each morning and evening, they could be purchasing products like Freshpet. As states in its name, this product contains fresh foods and veggies that come in refrigeration packs that are ready to serve and will offer your dog a variety of ingredients that are good for them because they are all natural.

So, if you don’t have time to research all of the foods and vitamins that a dog requires to be healthy and happy and to live a good, long life, you may want to consider Freshpet. Fresh foods are good for your dog. Try it and see!

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