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Controversial media personality puts God ahead of politics

One person isn’t just talking about the crisis at the border; he is doing something about it. Glenn Beck has pledged to help immigrant children trapped in the border controversy, according to a July 10 article in the Christian Post. Beck plans on loading up tractor trailer trucks with water, toys, and other items. While others are discussing the border, Beck is making a difference.

JUNE 19: Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Glenn Beck wave to supporters at a Tea Party rally
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Beck’s bold stance represents a 180 degree change from his recent past. In June 2010; Beck was relentless in his criticism of the President and his handling of the BP oil spill. That oil spill lasted 87 days, and pumped 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf; according to the website Do Something. Beck was roundly criticized for making fun of President Obama and his daughters. Beck was criticized for involving the children of politicians; who are considered to be off limits.

The Bible has several passages of scripture that reflect on and outline the position of children. The Psalms state that sons are a heritage to God, and children are a reward. These passages state that children have value. In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus rebuked His disciples and others for attempting to prevent children from having access to Him. He went on to say that adults would need to accept Him with the same faith and trust as children have.

Over 90 Chicago and suburban Chicago men were asked to weigh in on the immigration issue. All of them (95) felt that freely allowing children and adults to enter into the country was wrong. The same men were asked what they would if they were at the border, and faced with the choice of sending them back or finding a way to help them. Over half of the men surveyed said that they would find some way to help them or to let them in.

Everyone concedes that there is a crisis at our borders, but nobody has a solution. Further complicating things is the hundreds of children looking to escape drug wars and hopelessness. Is Glenn Beck doing the right thing? Should the children be sent back?

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