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Controversial HJR-3 bill sparks huge debate on social media

With debates over HJR-3 in full swing, opponents and proponents took to the Statehouse and social media.
With debates over HJR-3 in full swing, opponents and proponents took to the Statehouse and social media.

The opening debate on the controversial bill, HJR-3, opposing same-sex marriage in Indiana, is trending locally and nationally on Twitter today, Monday, January 13. And, while the debate is in full force right now at the Statehouse, proponents and opponents of the bill have taken to Twitter to defend their positions.

While the majority of talkers on Twitter right now are opposed to the bill that would render same-sex marriage in Indiana illegal, a few outliers are expressing their support with fervor. Most notably, PhD candidate at Notre Dame, and Heritage Foundation Fellow, Ryan T. Anderson.

"We disagree about what marriage is," Anderson tweeted out in response to HJR-3 opponents, "no one should demonize."

@IndyStarTony caused a stir, as well, on Twitter when he tweeted out that the Indiana Catholic Council supported HJR-3. The announcement was the first public show of support for the bill by the ICC.

But for every supporter of HJR-3, it seems like there are about 20 objectors tweeting out against the bill.

Kate Brickman, of Minneapolis, MN, and Communications Director for Mayor Betsy Hodges asked Hoosiers who support the bill to take a look at how a similar proposal fared in Minnesota.

"To Indiana Republicans who think #HJR3 is a good idea: you should ask Minnesota Republicans how that worked out. #StopHJR3," Brickman stated on Twitter.

Indy Star columnist, Erika D. Smith expressed her displeasure with the religious arguments used to bolster HJR-3.

"Ok, I'm starting to feel like I'm in church and not in the Statehouse. #hjr3," Smith tweeted.

The bill, which was supposed to come to vote today, has been postponed in light of the arguments presented at the Statehouse earlier this afternoon. For those who wish to follow along with updates on Twitter, they can enter the hashtag #HJR3 in the search column on Twitter to find a number of people live tweeting updates and issues coming from the Statehouse.

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