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Controlling wastewater pollutants at home

Be careful what you pour down the drain.
Be careful what you pour down the drain.
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Controlling waste-water pollutants at home is possible and necessary. Chemicals and other pollutants enter waste-water sewers and natural bodies of water every day at alarming rates. We may not be personally capable of controlling big business contributions to waste water pollutants. We can work on controlling waste water pollutants at home.

Drain cleaners

Harsh chemical drain cleaners are being poured directly into the sewage system daily. Would you put sulfuric acid in drinking water? This is exactly what we do when using chemical drain cleaners in the home. Any plumber will tell you that chemical drain cleaners corrode pipes and actually inhibit water flow. Controlling drain clogs with chemicals causes waste-water pollutants.

Prescription medications

Do not flush prescription or other medications down drains. Use liquid medicines when possible. Pills are not easily broken down and have been know to come through the body's waste disposal system intact. Studies have been done which show that birth control hormones are affecting aquatic life. This is because hormones enter waste-water through sewage.

Fertilizers and pesticides

Gardening organically can cut down on water pollution. Start by controlling fertilizer use. Avoid the use of chemicals and animal feces. High concentrations of nitrates can cause imbalances in soil and water. Chemicals wash into water systems when it rains or snows. Controlling waste-water pollutants at home by using fewer chemical pesticides is important too. Use recipes for organic pesticides and fertilizer instead.

Household cleaners

What is washed must be rinsed. Chemical household cleaners are often rinsed down the drain into the sewer system. Chemical household cleaners are water pollutants. Try using items like vinegar and baking soda for home cleaning. Don't be surprised to find they are superior cleaners. There are many excellent recipes for homemade all natural home cleaning supplies.


All natural alternatives for personal care products are varied and effective. Things like glycerin soap, avocado conditioner and baking soda toothpaste get you clean without adding pollutants to water. Controlling waste-water pollutants may be as simple as switching shampoos. This site is full of articles on natural hair care, natural facials, natural foot care products and natural dental care

Vehicle maintenance

When maintaining your vehicle, don't just toss used fluids like motor oil. Dispose of them properly or recycle them. Some service stations will accept used oil for recycling. Consider using vinegar as water wiper fluid. Vinegar can also be used as soap at the car wash. This is a big step toward controlling pollutants at home.

This article was previously published on Yahoo! by this author. It has been updated and revised for Examiner.

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