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Controlling drinking at parties beneficial to others than yourself, conclusion

It is important to know not to mix certain types of alcohol because of the effects that it can have on the body. The final party that was hosted in that apartment had signs posted saying "Don't Be a Rudy" that told this "Do Not" story to attendees.
It is important to know not to mix certain types of alcohol because of the effects that it can have on the body. The final party that was hosted in that apartment had signs posted saying "Don't Be a Rudy" that told this "Do Not" story to attendees.
Stacey Talarovich

Part I

When Val#2 and I realized that our attempts to awaken the sleeping stranger were futile, we decided that we were going to have to involve other parties. We locked our bedroom doors, put on our shoes and sweatshirts, grabbed our cell phones and headed out into the misting rain. Our apartment complex had its own security that would patrol the lots and night, but mostly the car was parked near the dumpster on our end of the complex. We decided to leave the door unlocked on the chance that the mystery man would wake-up while we were gone and leave on his own.

We huddled together as we walked through the puddles in the parking lot to the security guard parked conveniently on our end of the complex. This was a man we had come to know rather well because our apartment was plagued with strange happenings. Malfunctioning smoke detectors, giant spiders, futon theft – things of that nature. He rolled down his window as we got closer to the truck:
“Problem ladies?”
“Yes, there is a guy passed out on our couch,” I said.
“And we don’t know who he is.”
“Tall guy, gray T-shirt?”

I was a bit confused by the officer’s answer when I replied, “You know him?”
He laughed, “No, but I was watching him wander around here for a while. I figured he had just found where he was looking for.”
“Nope. He found our door and unoccupied couch and now we can’t wake him up.”
“Ok, I’ll be right over.”

Val#2 and I walked back to our apartment while the security guard notified the city and campus police. When we returned, nothing in our living room had changed. The mystery man was still on the couch passed out drunk – although he had turned on his side. The security guard showed up shortly after, followed by the rest of the 911 battalion. For our lone drunk guy we managed to summon one city officer, one apartment complex security guard, two EMTs and two firefighters – complete with matching vehicles and lights.

The police started going through his pockets looking for some kind of identification. They found it. Rudy, the 19-year-old college freshman was passed out on our couch. As they rolled him around, shook him and forced him to sit, sleeping Rudy started to wake-up. While Val#2, the security guard and myself stood against the wall and watched, the EMTs shone lights into his eyes while the police spoke loudly and clearly, “RUDY, DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE?” Rudy nodded his head in the affirmative.

“I think he’s lying,” I whispered to Val#2 and the guard. They both started to laugh.
The police spoke again, “RUDY DO YOU KNOW WHAT STATE YOU’RE IN?”

This led us to believe that he wasn’t a local. As Rudy finally started to take in his surroundings and realize that he in fact had no clue where he was his face started to reflect that he was in a lot of trouble… Or about to vomit. The police had asked us, after noticing our bar counter, if he had been drinking in our apartment. We said no and added that if he had been drinking with us, it wouldn’t have been necessary for us to refer to him as “the strange man on our couch.”

They took Rudy away in the ambulance around 3:15 a.m. and that’s when Val #2 and I realized that Rudy’s night wasn’t going to get any better. Not only had he been drunk at a party and wandered into a strange house, he was underage. This meant he was not only getting his stomach pumped at 3 a.m., but that he was going to be issued a ticket for a Minor In Possession. In the state of Missouri, any person caught with alcohol in their system under the age of 21 gets a MIP because the body becomes a container for alcohol. This was not a good night for Rudy.

Students of all ages please take responsibility for yourself if you choose to consume alcohol. Know your body’s limits and stop when you reach them. Please, do not be a Rudy.

Lessons to be learned:

  • Always lock your doors because you never know who will walk in.
  • If you’re going to drink, have someone to guide or drive you home.
  • Do not drink to blackout, especially on a weekday. This leads you to think you are, in fact, home. Not to mention, that it’s not exactly a healthy practice.
  • If you are under the age of 21 and choose to consume alcohol, try to do so in private places to prevent getting yourself into even more trouble than you already are.


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