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Controlling allergies in hot, humid climates

How allergies happen
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Hot, humid climates are difficult for people with severe allergies. Allergens are stronger in places where pollen is produced year round. There's also the additional problem of allergies to molds created by humidity. In tropical climates, there's more apt to be unchecked growth of vegetation. Allergens are more populous in areas of heavy growth such as humid climates.

More plants, more pollen, more allergens.

People with allergies living in tropical climates should stay away from areas of heavy growth. The crowded vegetation of humid climates means a higher concentration of pollen and other allergens. Humid climates also produce a lot of molds and mildews in areas of dense plant growth. People with allergies should keep areas around the outside of the home trimmed and clean to avoid these allergens.

Working in humid climates.

Pollen allergens are profusely produced in humid climates. Avoid heavy build up of additional irritants. Stay away from dusty or damp environments that aggravate allergies. Opt for indoor jobs. Air conditioners provide somewhat cleaner indoor air. It might be wise to install an air cleaner in the office. This will keep indoor allergens at bay.

Mold can be a real issue.

In addition to forming outdoors in dense plant growth, mold can cause trouble inside the home. Basements in humid climates can be damp and filled with mold and mildew. People with allergies should take extra precautions. Prior to moving into a home, have it inspected for mold damage and growth. Allergies from mold are one of the most common issues in humid climates.

Cleaning requires caution in humid climates.

It's extremely important to keep surfaces clean and dry. In dry climates, mold is not quite as likely to form. Hang a load of clothes on a clothesline in humid climates and see. It can take several days to dry. This gives mold and bacteria extra growing time. Be sure to wipe bathroom surfaces dry after bathing or showering. Use the exhaust fan. This keeps mold allergens from growing on damp surfaces.

Remember that plants bloom year round in the tropics.

Humid climates are great for gardeners. How nice to be able to enjoy fresh produce all year. This adds to allergens in the air from many varieties of plant pollens. People with allergies like gardening too. They just have a hard time with the allergens involved. Try spending a bit of time indoors each day with an air cleaner or filter running. Give your sinuses a break!

Please note: The author is not a licensed medical professional. This article was written from personal experience. It is not intended to replace professional medical advice.

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