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Control Queens through history

Rip Torn, not a tyrant, except to his dresser.
Rip Torn, not a tyrant, except to his dresser.
Harvey Korman and Tim Conway
Harvey Korman and Tim Conway

The gays have a term for a really controlling person.  They call them "Control Queens," not to be confused with control top pantyhose, which they probably wear to fight the ravages of age.   We all know them, they generally work in restaurants, jobs they took up as a fall back to their acting/singing/dancing careers.  But as their boyish good looks gave way to booze and pills and abusive boyfriends, so did their "work." He's the oldest "waiter" in the place, somebody who glides across the floor with the grace of Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers combined, but then complains about his feet, boyfriends, tips and the way you refill the ketchhup bottles!  (I swear, I'm not bitter.)

Well, it seems we have the same thing in Washington, except they're called elected officials.  Susan Ferrechio, Chief Congressional Correspondent with the Washington Examiner reports that, in lieu of wildly unpopular "Cap and Trade" global warming (scam) tax, senators John Kerry, D-Mass., Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Joe Lieberman, I-Conn are discussing a targeted tax approach which would "go after power plants, motor vehicles and manufacturers with targeted taxes and caps." 

Which begs the question, if it affects electricity, mobility and manufactured goods, how can it be considered "targeted?"  I mean, what else is there, authorship?  Modeling?  Apparently it's not in vogue to engage in an activity which requires you to leave your house or produce anything that entails the use of any 20th-century convenience including heat or light.  Perhaps we should all become wards of the state and not be taxed at all?  Or, is..... that...... the...... goal....?    

Coming on the heels of the mad dash to nationalize the health care system, it seems that all of our leaders are becoming the dreaded control queens.  So, I include a pictorial review of control queens (and regular queens) throughout history.  N.B.: none of this ends well.  Also note, this list is not exhaustive.  And, I'm not saying they're gay, just controlling, duh!

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