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Control blood pressure naturally and improve longevity


Blood pressure screeningHypertension is one of the most dangerous conditions for a patient to face. Blood pressure problems can lead to a wide variety of serious conditions, such as: kidney failure, stroke, or heart failure. Frequently, physicians respond to this diagnosis with medications. While medications can work, there are several natural remedies that have better long term benefits.

One of the best natural methods of blood pressure loss is to lose weight. This takes persistence and careful meal planning to accomplish. Two dietary approaches have a history of helping patients lose weight while improving health status.

The DASH approach to weight loss takes a natural approach to nutrition. It is highly recommended by the National Institutes of Health, and encourages the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy products. It is estimated that following the diet can produce lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings.

Weight loss can also be accomplished through the Ornish diet, a highly respected nutritional plan developed by noted cardiologist Dean Ornish, MD. As a cardiologist, he desired to use diet as a primary tool to control hypertension and reverse heart disease. His clients report dramatic health improvements through the use of the diet. 

Another method of reducing blood pressure is to reduce the use of table salt in food. Long-term use of salt may result in atherosclerosis, leading to loss of elasticity in arteries of the heart and the brain, which leads to increased blood pressure. Reducing salt intake is a natural way to decrease blood pressure.

Physical activity is another valid method of reducing high blood pressure. The recommended method of obtaining proper exercise is walking. It provides aerobic exercise without overexerting the heart  and cardiovascular system.  It is recommended that walking sessions should be 30 minutes per day, increasing the walk time can result in lower blood pressure. Planning daily activities to improve walking can also be beneficial. Some people elect to use the stairs instead of elevators, and choose to park further from work and shopping entrances for additional walk time.

Other specific lifestyle changes can lead to lower blood pressure results: the two most important blood pressure boosters are smoking and alcohol consumption. The recommendation is to reduce cigarette smoking. Reducing smoking can reduce blood pressure while providing an additional benefit. It reverses the progression of osteoporosis. Additionally, the reduction of alcohol to one or two drinks per day is essential to the lowering of blood pressure. Alcohol is the highest calorie substance that can be consumed, it alters judgement and leads to liver disease.

The use of these natural remedies offers the best long-term reduction in blood pressure.

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