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Contributions to the city center honored at the Downtown Denver Awards

The Downtown Denver Awards Jury
The Downtown Denver Awards Jury
photo courtesy of the Downtown Denver Partnership

In the midst of massive uncertainty about the economic future, many US cities are searching for the key to recovery and future prosperity. If the press Denver is getting is any indication, a strong, vibrant downtown district can have a major impact on an area. Last week, with a past, a current and a potential future Colorado governor in attendance, the Downtown Denver Partnership honored major achievements in the downtown community with its 49th Annual Downtown Denver Awards.

The 6 winners were chosen from a diverse pool of nominees for a variety of reasons. “Some of our award winners overcame significant hurdles in the past year. Others have created new opportunities to attract visitors and business to Downtown Denver,” said Tami Door, President and CEO of the DDP, “All of them have inspired us with their contributions to the vitality of our urban center.”

Auraria Science Center

The new facility was honored for its innovative design, created to connect the downtown community both physcially and perceptually to Auraria Campus. The building is just one step in a larger plan to transform the relationship between the education and business centers of the city.

One Lincoln Park

Perhaps no other winner better illustrated "overcoming significant hurdles" than this downtown condo project. Despite the project being victim to embezzlement by one of its developers, it has become a notable addition to the Denver skyline, and to the edges of the downtown area that had seen limited development in the past.

Sheraton Hotel

The massive structure that once housed the Adams Mark went through a $70 million renovation last year. The changes to Colorado's largest hotel may bring new conventions and other visitors (and their money) to the city.


Another notable addition to the Denver skyline, the Spire overcame delays and a dismal real estate market, moving its first new residents in this year. The high rise community was selected for recognition in part because the relative affordability of its units allows a new demographic access to downtown residency.


The international sports convention was hosted in Denver in 2009, the first time in North America since it was created 7 years ago. The event brought over 1,200 delegates from 60 countries to the city, brining both tourism dollars and global visibility to Denver.

Visit Denver 100th Anniversary

The trade association that was founded after Denver hosted its first Democratic Convention in 1908 recently celebrated a major victory when the second Denver DNC brought a massive boost to the local economy. This year they were honored for a century of promoting tourism, conventions, and continuing economic growth in downtown Denver.


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