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Contributions to a Sewing Book from Crafty People from Twin Cities

One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins
One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins

The book One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins has received a significant amount of buzz in the Twin Cities area since it's release last October. The book is a whopping 304 pages and provides 101 projects and patterns which require one yard of fabric (or less) to complete. Not only is the book co-authored by two sewing artists from Minnesota, but it also features a number of projects by local crafty folks as well.

Becka Rahn
Becka blogs about her crafty creations and life on her blog. She also has a few tutorials available and includes a supplementary pattern for those of your who have the book! She contributed both the laptop sleeve and bear cushion to One Yard Wonders.

Jessica Bandelin
Jessica shares her life and ideas on her blog Fifth Lamp Down, which she describes as her favorite place on the High Bridge in St. Paul. She has been blogging since 2007 and shares her project Rocket to Dreamland in One Yard Wonders.

Sharon Madsen

Sharon shares many great free sewing tutorials and patterns on her blog Sharon's News. She contributed two projects to One Yard Wonders, a file cabinet cover and a strapless tunic.

Be sure to check out these great bloggers and their projects in One Yard Wonders. You will not be disappointed by this book.


  • Becka Rahn 5 years ago

    Thanks for the mention! The tutorial on my site isn't for full sized dogs (though that would be super cool). It's the applique pattern (which happens to be a dog) that goes on the laptop bag. It's shrunk down in the book so at my site you can print it out at the right size and not have to resize it yourself.

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