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Contribute, Protect and Become The Force of the County

Meet the Leaders of the Hunt County Sheriff's Posse
Meet the Leaders of the Hunt County Sheriff's Posse
Hunt County Sheriff's Posse

You say you have a horse and you are tired of saddling up and riding around in a circle in your arena. So you stop and go the other direction for a while. Then you make up games in your mind and play in the arena that you are part of the Grand Entry in the Worlds Original Indoor Rodeo. Well, it is time to do something more with yourself and your horse.

It is time for you to join the Hunt County Sheriff’s Posse. It is time for you to contribute your neighborhood and protect those around you and become the force of the county.

Located in Greenville, Texas, Hunt County Sheriff's Posse is made up from a group of volunteer members who are dedicated in serving our community. Their main focus is search and rescue however you will also see the Posse participating in ceremonies, parades, trail rides and assisting local authorities in patrolling special events. They take great pride in being involved with the community and assisting where and whenever needed.

This group does more than ride up and down Main Street in local parades. It rides in the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo Parade and the Grand Entry of several performances each year. They are majorly involved in the local fairs and rodeos and so much more. But they are far more than just a group of people getting together and putting on a uniform and show casing their horsemanship. They are a vital part of Hunt County. They do search and rescue when needed.

If you live in or near Hunt County east of Dallas and you are tired of going in circles and not making a difference then you need to check these people out. They need you and you need them!