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Contrast Charles Wang and Kate Murray


  • Yes 5 years ago

    Great posts and ideas. This needs to be turned into a handout and printed in every local and long island newspaper. Pass this and spread the news.

  • Harvey Miller 5 years ago

    I'm writing to register my feelings about Kate Murray, with regards to her activities concerning the "Lighthouse" project.

    I think that standing up to so called developers is a worthy characteristic, "developers" who feel that the only thing worthy of land is the short term profits they may derive from it, regardless of environmental and congestion concerns, not to mention changing the fabric of the valued open space that Nassau used to have in abundance. In my opinion Kate Murray stood up to these kinds of land manipulators, demanding answers to questions that they had continuously avoided detailed answers to. Water use, traffic woes and more were merely skimmed over, without answering how this "Lighthouse" project will deal with this. Even the word, "Lighthouse" was derived in the original concept that ignored light pollution concerns.

    I don't think Wang's holding the Islanders like a kidnaper is something people should play along with. Personally, I think quality of life issu

  • wow! do you work for him 5 years ago

    I know people are afraid of the Islanders moving out of town, but there is no need to sell your soul and kiss Wang's ass - an ass that should probably be behind bars with his ex-buddy Sanjay. This is not a nice guy, folks! And there are an awful lot of internet faces espousing how "great" he is and how bad Murray is, and I'm glad to see someone else here in the above comment say the same thing. None of the players in this fiasco are lilly white (Wang, Rechler, Mangano, etc). There is no need to cow tow to any of these people on either side of this issue. If Wang isn't happy owning a hockey franchise, and having a nice recently negotiated sub-lease for which he gets revenues from parking, concessions, and gate FROM ALL EVENTS AT THE COLISEUM!), then he should sell to someone that wants to run an NHL franchise - not a real estate firm.

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