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Contrast Charles Wang and Kate Murray

Charles B. Wang is the co-founder of Computer Associates International, Inc. (later renamed CA, Inc.) and owner of the New York Islanders ice hockey team. In 1976, Wang launched Computer Associates at the age of 31. He has since authored two books to help executives master technology: Techno Vision (1994, McGraw-Hill) and Techno Vision II (1997, McGraw-Hill). He was born in Shanghai, and moved to Queens, NY, when he was eight years old. He attended the elite Brooklyn Technical High School in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. He earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Queens College in New York, and began working at Columbia University. He is currently the majority owner of the New York Islanders hockey franchise, of which he had become a part-owner in 2000. He later bought out the share of business partner Sanjay Kumar in 2004, and acquired the New York Dragons Arena football franchise. He attempted to be the master developer of the Lighthouse, a property transformation of the Nassau Coliseum and surrounding 150 acres. This project was killed by Kate Murray the Town of Hempstead supervisor, The project would have included a five-star hotel; condominiums; an athletic complex featuring four ice rinks, a basketball facility, and a state-of-the-art health club that would served as the Islanders’ practice facility and also be open to the public. The development would have also included a sports technology center, open-air plaza, and conference center. He is also founder of Plainview Properties, a real estate firm which recently announced a major development in Plainview, New York: Old Plainview - a traditional village combining townhouses, apartments, offices, restaurants, a Hyatt hotel and recreation space using “smart growth” concepts. Residents of Plainview, headed by the group Concerned Citizens of Plainview-Old Bethpage, have resisted the project from the start. Wang is also well known for his philanthropic works with such causes as the Make a Wish Foundation, and Smile Train among others. His donation of over $50 million dollars to the State University of New York at Stony Brook for the construction of the Charles B. Wang Center was the largest in history to a SUNY school. Wang funded the expansion of the Chinatown Health Clinic and the clinic has been renamed the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center. In 1999, Wang and his brothers Anthony and Francis donated a new law school to China's Suzhou University in honor of their father Kenneth Wang and in celebration of the university's 100th anniversary. In 2006, Wang invested his own money with Project Hope to facilitate a project of developing ice hockey in China. Computer Associates currently has 13,000 employees and creates thousands of other jobs to support it and has employed tens of thousands more during its history. The Lighthouse would have created 75,000 jobs.


Kate Murray is the Supervisor of the Town of Hempstead, New York. Murray is the first woman to be elected supervisor since the position was created in 1918. Supervisor Murray, a lifelong resident of Levittown, graduated from Boston College and Suffolk University Law School. Murray served as advocate for Suffolk University Battered Women's Advocacy Project where she represented the victims of domestic violence. She has worked as an Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Justice Section handling prisoner litigation. On February 3, 1998, Kate Murray became the first woman and first Levittowner elected to the New York State Assembly from the 19th District. A Republican, she previously served as a member of the New York State Assembly and then as Clerk for the Town of Hempstead. Murray was appointed Supervisor by the Hempstead Town Board in 2003 after being tapped by then-Nassau County Republican Chairman Joseph Mondello, after Town of Hempstead Supervisor Richard V. Guardino Jr. resigned. Kate Murray has never created a single job in her life and never made a substantial monetary contribution to any cause in her life.


Wang is a self-made billionaire capitalist who created tens of thousands of jobs and created billions of dollars of wealth through hard work and dedication. Murray’s only accomplishment was having the good fortune of being born a woman and having everything handed to her. Even the physical appearance of the two says something about them. While Wang is healthy looking and maintains a normal weight while Murray is unhealthy and obese. When they speak, Wang is logical and cool; Murray is erratic and quick to anger.


During this great recession, Long Islanders needed jobs more than ever. We have seen massive unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies, increased crime and even suicides related to these problems. During the past 4 years, Murray has done everything to stop the creation of 75,000 jobs when we needed them most. People and companies are leaving Long Island at an astounding rate because there are no jobs left. The only reason given by Murray was that Wang’s vision did not agree with hers; as if she were some God. Many suspect that she was looking for a kickback as it is well known that the history of Nassau County politics is full of corruption and greed and Murray was hand picked for the job by well known criminals rather than getting elected. There is no logical argument that can be made for stopping the Lighthouse Project. We need capitalists like Charles Wang to create jobs. We do not need greedy politicians and socialists like Kate Murray to destroy them.

The property is owned by Nassau County, not by the Town of Hempstead. They should send in the bulldozers and cranes and start building immediately and run down any corrupt politicians that get in the way. The time is now to start building.



  • Yes 5 years ago

    Great posts and ideas. This needs to be turned into a handout and printed in every local and long island newspaper. Pass this and spread the news.

  • Harvey Miller 5 years ago

    I'm writing to register my feelings about Kate Murray, with regards to her activities concerning the "Lighthouse" project.

    I think that standing up to so called developers is a worthy characteristic, "developers" who feel that the only thing worthy of land is the short term profits they may derive from it, regardless of environmental and congestion concerns, not to mention changing the fabric of the valued open space that Nassau used to have in abundance. In my opinion Kate Murray stood up to these kinds of land manipulators, demanding answers to questions that they had continuously avoided detailed answers to. Water use, traffic woes and more were merely skimmed over, without answering how this "Lighthouse" project will deal with this. Even the word, "Lighthouse" was derived in the original concept that ignored light pollution concerns.

    I don't think Wang's holding the Islanders like a kidnaper is something people should play along with. Personally, I think quality of life issu

  • wow! do you work for him 5 years ago

    I know people are afraid of the Islanders moving out of town, but there is no need to sell your soul and kiss Wang's ass - an ass that should probably be behind bars with his ex-buddy Sanjay. This is not a nice guy, folks! And there are an awful lot of internet faces espousing how "great" he is and how bad Murray is, and I'm glad to see someone else here in the above comment say the same thing. None of the players in this fiasco are lilly white (Wang, Rechler, Mangano, etc). There is no need to cow tow to any of these people on either side of this issue. If Wang isn't happy owning a hockey franchise, and having a nice recently negotiated sub-lease for which he gets revenues from parking, concessions, and gate FROM ALL EVENTS AT THE COLISEUM!), then he should sell to someone that wants to run an NHL franchise - not a real estate firm.

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