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Contrary to 'pop' opinion, Catholicism, politics, and feistiness do go together

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Ephemeral, metrosexual, candy-coated expressions of (personal, enclaved) Catholicism seem all the PC roar!

But, truth be told, Catholicism is not ephemeral, it is eternal! Catholicism is not metrosexual, it is blatantly masculine, and fully feminine. And, in the Cross of Jesus Christ, giving meaning to suffering, it is far from candy-coated. Moreover, though it has a personal dimension (intimacy with Jesus Christ), it is more than personal, it is communal (Communio), and it is Universal (Catholic).

And, in the words of Jesus, 'the gates of hell shall not prevail against it;' therefore, it will never be enclaved by the 'principalities and powers' that currently whore the world.

In the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, politics is fair ground for the Catholic. The enemy, masquerading in a PC veneer, pushing a kumbaya, metrosexual, socialist Jesus, preaching a progressive 'social justice,' wants you to think otherwise--in order to shut you up, and shut you in the ghetto of personal, ineffective Catholicism. They don't want you effecting the world, as salt and light, for the better.

Likewise, they want you soft, gentle, and effeminate. Yes! they want Catholic men pink and inclusive and ever-accepting of everything that comes down the PC, popular pike! If you don't, you will be branded a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, a Islamophobe, a xenophobe, a misogynist, and (gasp!), a conservative!

But Catholic history proves that great Catholics were always political, and always feisty!

Let's take a historical trip toward Jesus down Catholic-political-feisty Boulevard.

Flannery O'Connor, a renowned Catholic writer in the 20th century, was once invited to hobnob with some rich, powerful, and influential secular writers. Reluctantly she accepted the invitation so that she may become more known in literary circles. The group conversation turned toward the Eucharist. Rich and powerful lips gave lip service to the importance of the Real Presence of Jesus, disrespectfully conceding that the Eucharist, though influential on peoples behavior, was just a 'sign.'

Flannery decided, in an instant, that networking with the successful was not as important as stating a true Catholic understanding of the Eucharist. PC be damned! She boldly stated to her shocked audience, 'Well, if it's a symbol, to hell with it.'

Going back further in time we meet St. Jerome, the great translator of the Latin Vulgate. To make a long story short, Jerome battled heretics with a fiery tongue, burning with Love of the Truth in Jesus His Lord. Jerome, moreover, never backed down from a confrontation with the Truth of any situation-- situations of real human lives, personal, communal, and political.

Prior to Jerome, St. Paul exuded feistiness, as he wished castration on the Galatians, pissed off the Pharisees, and confronted St. Peter in a moment of seeming duplicity. St. Paul delved into the politics of life, never shying away from everything a Christian partook in--always fighting for a true Catholic understanding of the immense importance of every situation in life...deeply drenched in spiritual significance.

And then there was Jesus.

Not the pacifist of Hollywood, nor the metrosexual of current progressivism, Jesus got downright feisty with Pharisees, and turned Temple tables when He had to.

So the next time Joe or Jane progressive tries to enclave you in supposed 'Catholic behavior,' act Catholic and express the the feistiness of faith, hope, and Charity.

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