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Contract Modification for Superintendent Deasy

At The Schools with Audrey Linden

LAUSD’s Superintendent of Schools, John Deasy, got a contract modification which amounts to a pay increase from the Board of Education. He gets a 20% pay increase but he has to pay his own pension deduction. That deduction, which LAUSD had paid, was a little over the $20,000 increase.

Deasy will also get a “vacation buyout” for the days he does not take beyond the 36 he is allowed to accrue. Each day is $1,341. He gets 24 days a year, and he was quoted as saying to the L Times reporter, Howard Blume, that he cannot get away from his duties as Superintendent that long. He can get this bump at the end of each school year, and that will start this June 30th.

The sole opponent to this “vacation buyout” was Bennett Kayser who objected on the basis that teachers are not allowed to do this. “He should not, in effect, receive a pay increase prior to other employees.

The School Board is holding Deasy accountable for increasing enrollment by 5% annually, and also for increasing revenue. This will be in effect at the end of this school year, June 30th. LAUSD has been losing students to charter schools and enrollment has been dropping significantly.

LAUSD has supported the growth of charters though it cost LAUSD enrollment and revenue for their own school District.

Deasy’s plan will have to show the development of magnet schools, and he will have programs to develop fluency in dual languages. Further, he has to improve the dropout and truancy rate and improve attendance.

When John Deasy was hired in 2009, he had an ambitious and aggressive ideas, but in many areas, he failed to meet his own goals. Had he increased algebra scores for ninth graders by 8%, he would have gotten a $10,000 bonus. The scores did not increase and Deasy did not get his bonus.

It is interesting, by Deasy’s standards, when teachers fall short of their goals, they are given a Stull evaluation by their administrator, they are given a negative Stull and have to implement a plan whereby they will improve in those areas. They have to come up with a plan and goals to succeed and are monitored. They are concerned for their jobs. Apparently, this measure of success does not quite apply to the Superintendent. The Superintendent did not get the $10,000 bonus for improved algebra scores. But, he got a salary increase.

LAUSD supported the growth of charter schools at numerous school sites and also independent charter schools. Shouldn't LAUSD have looked at the bigger picture and figured out they would lose their own student population to the some of these charters.

One can't help but wonder if the School Board look into the future in regard to their own enrollment when supporting the growth of charter schools? It seems like hindsight to do so now.

The L A Times got the copy of the contract by using the Public Records Act Request.

Audrey Linden

Educational Reporter

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