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Contraception and women's rights take center stage in 2012 election

Though the issue of women's rights and contraception is almost always present in the media, women's fight for reproductive freedom has garnered a great deal of draw in the news in recent weeks.

2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Nominee Mitt Romney
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Some of the attention came as a backlash to inflammatory comments made by radio host Rush Limbaugh calling a woman who used certain forms of birth control a "slut" and thereby a "prostitute," but discussion of women's rights as full citizens have been quite widespread in overall political discussion.

Here are some candidate stances on women's contraceptive freedom for the 2012 Presidential election season.

Candidate stances

Largely, incumbent President Barack Obama's administration has steadily pushed for contraceptive coverage for all women.

Republican Presidential nominee candidate Rick Santorum believes birth control to be morally wrong.

Republican nominee candidate Mitt Romney's stance on birth control has been widely unclear, since his support of bills can change, but he seems to support the freedom of religious employers to choose whether they supply contraception.


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