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Contouring and highlighting

A perfect makeup application starts with which part of your face to contour and which part of your face to highlight. When you know which area to hide and which area to bring out, you will find that your makeup application is not only flawless, but you can achieve compliments for a job well done.
So…what is contouring and what is highlighting? In layman terms, contour is to give the appearance of receding feature; example would be hiding a double chin. Highlighting means to bring something out or to make something stand out; example would be making your eyes look bigger.
Here are some techniques you can apply to your daily makeup routine for contouring and highlighting.
Double Chin: A lot of us have this problem. There is no need for cosmetic surgery, girls. All it takes is a little bit of blending and some darker tone of makeup. Select a shade that is darker than you normally would apply to your facial areas. Apply it right underneath your chin and blend down towards your neck. Do not apply powder for it will lighten the area, which will make it stand out.
Pointed Chin: What you can do to soften this area is to apply a darker foundation at the tip of the chin and blend downwards towards your neck.
Undefined Cheekbones: This is a huge problem area of a lot of people. What you can do to bring this out is apply a white powder or white eye shadow right on top of your cheekbones. Then what you want to do is apply a darker shade underneath that white shade and it will protrude out, making it look more prominent, giving you the high cheek bone look.
Making your eyes look bigger: All it requires is some white eye shadow applied underneath your eyes and the inner areas between the bridge of your nose. This will make small eyes look bigger; it also helps if you line your eyes, lightly dragging the liner a bit longer than your natural lash line.
Wide Nose: To make a wide nose look narrower, all it takes are a few simple steps. Take a white powder and run it down the center of your nose. Next take a darker shade and apply it along the sides of the nose.
Use these simple steps to make your heighten your feature and to diminish your flaws.