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'Continuum' 3x13 'Last Minute': Aligning with Liber8

Kiera: "I have been fighting for the wrong side for a long time, and now I'm awake."
Kiera: "I have been fighting for the wrong side for a long time, and now I'm awake."
Photo Courtesy Of Bettina Strauss/Syfy

Kellog: “I’m just a cog in the machine now, Carlos. I don’t get to play chess master.”

Carlos: “Yeah, somehow I doubt that.”

“Last Minute” is the June 27 episode of "Continuum." Warning: this article does contain spoilers for tonight's episode. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. “Continuum" has not yet been renewed for a season four.

Kiera teaming up with Liber8 is thrilling. Sadly, there isn't much of an acknowledgement of Sonya’s passing, or how she went out. It’s nice that Kiera does take the time to mention that Sonya was right about her all along. Hopefully next season involves more of Kiera working with Liber8 because it is such a great change, and it gives us more dynamics to explore. Maybe we can even get Carlos having a chat with Liber8 on friendly terms.

Wait which Alec is this – a summary of tonight’s episode. The entire time, I couldn't quite trust my gut instinct whenever an Alec would appear on screen. This made for an intense ride of an episode, and the fight scene is especially brutal and confusing. In the end, Future!Alec prevails. He will definitely come out a changed man, after all he did just stab himself to death. It’s hard not to be affected by that. Now that Piron is no longer an option, will Alec (we can get back to just calling him Alec, whew) go back to SadTech or focus on destroying Kellog and Piron?

I kept waiting for Kiera and Brad to realize that just because Present!Alec is gone, doesn't mean that they saved the future. I mean Brad said he didn’t know who Alec Sadler was, and that the big guy was Kellog. Sadly, they don’t remember this tidbit, instead it takes intense robot looking dudes coming through the next beacon pulse to remind them that things are not right. The writers do a better job at showing Brad and Kiera’s connection in this episode though. I’m still not entirely sold on the romance, but they are growing on me.

Kellog is one devious snake. He constantly surprises me when his latest scheme unfolds, and yet the fact that he maneuvered such a feat is not unsurprising. I am still confused as to whether or not Present!Alec knew that Kellog was slowly shifting the power. I would like to hope that Present!Alec is smarter than that, but I guess we will never know. Kellog being the head of Piron sets up a very exciting and terrifying future. It’s hard to say what Kellog wants the future to be. One thing that is always clear is that Kellog wants power.

What did you think of the finale? Oh hey, Dillon is not dead! We could have been a little clearer on that fact. He is alive and maybe recovering or maybe not out of the woods yet, it’s unclear. Leave me your thoughts and theories on season four in a comment below.

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