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'Continuum' 3x10 'Revolutions Per Minute': Catching Liber8 by surprise

Sonya: "Okay either Cameron is getting better or we're slipping."
Sonya: "Okay either Cameron is getting better or we're slipping."
Photo Courtesy Of Diyah Pera/Syfy

Betty: “Does it have dental?”

Sonya: "Relax, if I was going to hurt you, you would have never seen me coming."
Photo Courtesy Of Diyah Pera/Syfy

Dillon: “Of course it has dental. What kind of police force do you think I’m running?”

“Revolutions Per Minute” is the June 6 episode of "Continuum." Warning: this article does contain spoilers for tonight's episode. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. “Continuum" airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. CT on Syfy.

It's great to see Kiera and Carlos ahead of the game. Kiera thinks that Gautuma will be the next corporation that Liber8 will target because of what all they accomplish in the future. Normally we visit a crime scene and then put together the Liber8 connection, so it is great to see Kiera and Carlos go on the offensive. Plus, I love the scene where Lucas updates Sonya on the protector being at Gautuma.

Present!Alec has changed. He is rushing towards success no matter the cost. Jason warns him that Halo doesn't get invented until 2028, and even this secretive group of people (the future Global Corporate Congress, perhaps) tell Present!Alec to slow down. Then there's also the bit where Present!Alec destroyed the evidence that is Kiera’s body in the guise of a funeral to cover up that he cut into her. I would love to hear more of Present!Alec's reasoning behind all of this. Should we be concerned about Present!Alec?

Julian is back this episode. It's nice to see him interact with someone other than Carlos. Don’t get me wrong, I love their relationship, but Julian knows other people. I'm still not sure what Present!Alec gave Julian. It was documents titled “Black Bag Randol,” and maybe it is what the government knows about Julian or something. Hopefully we will get to see more of Julian and how he is approaching his new job as Vice President Social Responsibility. Do you think working with Piron will help put Julian on the Theseus path or make him stray from it?

Present!Alec goes back and looks through the stored memory on Kiera's CMR. Here's the interesting thing, we see mystery guy (aka Brad) with a gun in the lab. Now it looks like this is when the other Kiera died, but how did we miss that before? When Future!Alec was working on the CMR, it loaded and we saw Curtis killing Kiera. Does anyone know what is going on? The writers will definitely have to do some explaining in the next episode about this because right now nothing makes sense.

Things are changing. Kiera is changing her allegiances. She learns that maybe her partnership with the freelancers wasn't the smartest thing. It would be great to see her and Catherine continue to collide on certain issues and maybe see Catherine and the freelancers make a move on Kiera or Brad. It is great to slowly watch Kiera shift. Her helping out Liber8 is unexpected. The future is also changing, apparently. Brett says that Matthew Kellog is a big deal, and he has no idea who Alec Sadler is. Which future sounds worse: one where Kellog is a big deal or Alec?

What did you think of the episode? Any theories what is happening with Jason? What did you think of Kiera working with Liber8 a little bit more? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.