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'Continuum' 3x06 'Wasted Minute': Time to choose an Alec

Kiera: "There's a big difference between sacrifice and betrayal."
Kiera: "There's a big difference between sacrifice and betrayal."
Photo Courtesy Of Diyah Pera/Syfy

Carlos: “Maybe Alec can help or Alec can help.”

Carlos: "For once Liber8 did a little good."
Photo Courtesy Of Diyah Pera/Syfy

Kiera: “They’re both helping already.”

“Wasted Minute” is the May 9 episode of "Continuum." Warning: this article does contain spoilers for tonight's episode. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. “Continuum" airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. CT on Syfy.

It is great that the future shot has a big tie in with what’s happening in the present. There’s a bio-weapon that Kiera nearly dies from in 2077, and it’s being used in the future. The personal tie in with Kiera is fantastic because this is very close to her. She almost died from it, and was saved by Sonmanto, so realizing that they could have created this weapon in the first place is shocking for her. This episode hopefully starts to make Kiera see that Liber8 isn't all bad.

Oh the freelancer, they are still so shady. There is a hint at what’s behind the mystery door – it's a guy who Catherine describes as important and a revelation, whatever that means. The writers do a good job of hinting, and it is great to see that Curtis and Catherine disagree. It’s not a cohesive unit over at the freelancers, which definitely shows when Kiera learns that Curtis killed her, but more on that in a minute. Any theories on who is behind the mystery door?

Emily and Future!Alec are planning their life together. I’m not sure how running away solves anything, but hey, for them it works. For as much talk as Future!Alec does about being “a time traveling grim reaper,” he doesn't seem to get that the continuum can’t survive with two Alecs, no matter where they are in the world. It would have been great if one of the Alecs was aware of that complication because it would have been interesting to hear their responses.

The Alecs are at war. Kiera steps in and saves the day by shooting Future!Alec. Okay, so he isn't dead, only sedated. It probably would have been better to kill him because now Future!Alec is going to be very upset when he breaks out of his little cage. It is surprising that Kiera chooses to save Present!Alec because at the beginning of the episode, she was leaning the other direction. There really isn't a reason why she makes this choice. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that he was pointing at gun at Present!Alec.

Kiera figures out Liber8's angle – they are trying to keep the Corporate Congress from ever forming. It is great that Kiera has an idea of Liber8's end game now because maybe it can help when they work on taking Liber8 down. Speaking of Liber8, I like that they don’t unleash this terror onto the city. Instead, it is all about exposing Sonmanto, and then Sonya says they are going to work on the antidote and make it available for free. Liber8, at its very core, wants to help people. This episode highlights that fact.

The writers continue to do a great job at showing the differences between Carlos and Dillon. Carlos arrests Richardson while he is doing a press conference. What Dillon didn't like about this is that Carlos mentions some of the stuff that is on the espionage file about what Sonmanto has been up to. It will be great to see when Dillon and Carlos have a real turning point in their relationship. What do you think the future is for Dillon and Carlos?

Okay, the twist that Curtis shot Kiera is alright. It would have been more earth shattering if it was someone we knew a little better. Sadly, the writers don’t let Curtis explain himself. Instead, we focus on Kiera trying to figure out if Catherine knows. Right now, this reveal is interesting. The writers will have to do some more explaining next episode. We have to know why. Do you have any theories?

What did you think of the episode? Did Kiera make the right choice? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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