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'Continuum' 3x05 '30 Minutes to Air': Liber8 takes hostages

Travis: "Your boy Fonnegra's in charge. He knows we’re not in this to steal a million and fly off to Bolivia."
Travis: "Your boy Fonnegra's in charge. He knows we’re not in this to steal a million and fly off to Bolivia."
Photo Courtesy Of Syfy

Travis: “Most of you think you know me, Travis Verta: Liber8, killer, terrorist, lunatic, and now here I am interrupting your program.”

“30 Minutes to Air” is the May 2 episode of "Continuum." Warning: this article does contain spoilers for tonight's episode. “Continuum" airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. central on Syfy.

The future shot of the episode is Travis-centric, and it is fantastic. We know some of his backstory, but we actually get to see him interact with his child and wife/girlfriend. Seeing as how he is Liber8 and Kiera is our protagonist, we automatically put Travis in the “bad guy” category. It’s just the nature of things like this. What is great about this flashback is that Travis sets up his being captured and sent to jail all so he could know that his family would be safe. It’s an act of heroism that shows how much he will sacrifice for his family.

Present!Alec steps up big time. He shows Kellog that their partnership is not what it used to be. Kellog is no longer really useful to him. It is fantastic to see Present!Alec be this ballsy and hardcore, playing Kellog at his own game. I’m not a fan of the new suits and hairdo though. Present!Alec looks a lot older. What are your thoughts on Present!Alec’s transformation?

Kiera and Carlos are still piecing together what Liber8 got when they robbed all those banks. It is great that we actually get to see Liber8 do something with the intel they got from the safety deposit boxes. We are slowly getting clues as to what Liber8 is up to. It is a little difficult to understand how all the big businesses are connected. In the future they turn into the Corporate Congress, but right now, it is hard to know who the players are.

Carlos takes charge of the situation. It is fantastic to see him in a leadership position. With Dillon being held hostage, it is up to Carlos to get things done. He manages to wrangle the corporate representative, map out a game plan with Kiera, and coordinate with Betty. It is also nice that Kiera points this out to him. What would be interesting to see is if Carlos starts to diverge from Dillon a bit and do his own thing. Did you love Carlos during this episode?

Dillon has a family. It feels like it comes out of nowhere just because we don’t know anything really about him. The twist that he has a daughter is fantastic, and what’s even better is that the two of them are actually scheming. This not only helps step up the attack against Liber8 to the next level, but it says a lot about Dillon’s relationship with his daughter. Hopefully we will spend time with Christine whenever Liber8 reaches out for her. Sadly, it might not be until she gets out of jail. It takes dedication to go to jail in order to infiltrate an organization.

Let’s chat about the Alecs real fast. Kiera and Present!Alec’s fight broke my heart. Hopefully she can win him back in the next episode or at least start to try to make things up with him. It is great that he finally is a little more up to speed on this. Kellog hints to Future!Alec that he doesn’t know half of what Emily is capable of. Future!Alec needs to realize that Emily’s past is important, and at the very least, he should be aware of what she did.

What did you think of the episode? Did your impression of Travis and/or Dillon change a little bit? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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