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'Continuum' 3x04 'A Minute Changes Everything': Julian resurfaces

Julian: "I think they are turning a murderer into a hero when the bodies aren't even cold yet."
Julian: "I think they are turning a murderer into a hero when the bodies aren't even cold yet."
Photo Courtesy Of Diyah Pera/Syfy

Kiera: “I was taught to believe that we all had a responsibility to protect the system, but I’m starting to think that’s the wrong way to look at it. Each of us has our own responsibility to the truth.”

Kiera: "I can see the struggle you’re going through Carlos. It doesn't have to be like this."
Photo Courtesy Of Diyah Pera/Syfy

“A Minute Changes Everything” is the April 25 episode of "Continuum." Warning: this article does contain spoilers for tonight's episode. Be sure to check out the slideshow for quotes from tonight’s episode. “Continuum" airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. central on Syfy.

Present!Alec takes up shop at Piron. It is great to see Kellog offering him business advice. After all, what does Kellog know better than a sales pitch? Every now and then it is nice to be reminded that Kellog does care about Alec, and so to reminded of that is great. This is the first in awhile that Present!Alec has had his own storyline separate from Kiera, but it didn’t feel like wasted space. Watching how his relationship with Dillon grows will be intriguing.

Carlos and Kiera are questioning their views on things. Kiera’s growth and doubt is more intriguing, simply because Carlos has been questioning how the department runs since we’ve met him. Carlos forces Kiera in this episode to stop quoting how things are in 2077, and to take a look at what Kiera believes in her heart to be right. This is great growth for Kiera. She is no longer holding herself to what she was taught in the future. Instead, Kiera is looking at how things should be. What are your thoughts on Kiera’s new outlook?

Now let’s look at Carlos. He is still very much hung up on Kiera being dead. What is great is that the writers have him talk to dead Kiera. Okay, I don’t mean this in a creepy way because he does stroke her hair, which is a tad creepy. What I liked about it is that it allows Carlos to vocalize what he is feeling. He owns up to not understanding why he trusts one Kiera more than the other.

Present!Alec is aware. I repeat. Present!Alec is aware that there’s another Alec in the picture. Right now, it is hard to decide what to feel about this. The Alecs aren’t really buddy buddy. It is a little surprising that the Emily situation doesn’t get revealed. There does not really seem to be a reason why Present!Alec shouldn’t know. Hopefully Kiera learns of this development because she is supposed to be choosing an Alec. It would be nice to focus on that again. What do you think Present!Alec is going to do now that he knows about Future!Alec?

Carlos puts together the Betty and Liber8 connection. It is about time. Now Betty can actually participate more in the show and play an interesting role. The viewers have known about the secret for a while, and we have been impatiently waiting for the writers to bring this up again. There seems to be more to Betty’s situation, and it would have been great to have her inject a bit more with why she is in that situation. She tries to say that she wouldn’t do this, but that’s about all we get.

What did you think of the episode? Does anyone else love the slightly weird relationship that Carlos and Julian have? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.