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'Continuum' 3x03 'Minute to Win It': A bank robbery with a twist

Kiera: "Let’s find a way to get things back to normal, whatever normal is."
Kiera: "Let’s find a way to get things back to normal, whatever normal is."

Kiera: “Carlos, I want to help you get through this. What can I do?”

Present!Alec: "I never had a father, not that I could remember, and when I met him, I didn't like him much."

Carlos: “Well you remember your dead body in the trunk? How about you erase that.”

“Minute to Win It” is tonight's (April 18) episode of "Continuum." Warning: this article does contain spoilers for tonight's episode. Be sure to check out the slideshow for quotes from tonight’s episode. “Continuum" airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. central on Syfy.

Lucas is back. It is a little sad that we don't get any answers about his Kagame visions. We have to assume that it was temporary and that he is mostly okay now. Lucas brings the crazy, and that makes for some weird cases. The writers hint at some tension in the Liber8 group, and it would be great if the writers would explore this more. Lucas and Travis have a couple tense moments in this episode, which makes sense seeing as how Lucas is turning men into puppets. It's something Travis has experienced. Are you glad Lucas is back?

Even though there are trust issues between Kiera and Future!Alec, Kiera is still being a great friend to Present!Alec. It is nice that the writers use Kiera to help Present!Alec try to see things from Escher's perspective. Even though Present!Alec inheriting Piron means Kiera's future is changing slightly, she does not freak out and try to correct the situation. She works on being there as a friend. Her relationship with Alec has always been a highlight of the show, and watching her interact with two different versions of Alec has been fascinating to watch. Should Present!Alec take control of Piron?

The bank robberies are intriguing, there is no doubt. However, the real interesting part is what Liber8 is after. The writers hint that it is something to do with what big business is trying to hide from the public, but that's all we know. Liber8's agenda needs to be discussed more. New future tech that Kiera does not recognize cannot be good news. If it is from a new timeline, then the writers will have to answer how Liber8 knew to look for it. One option is that they were unclear what they would find, and all Liber8 was really after was the secrets of big business.

Carlos is still being moody about the multiple people situation. The upside to this is even though the writers show him having trust issues, he and Kiera still make a good team. It doesn't affect their ability to do their jobs, which makes all his complaining slightly more tolerable. There are still moments where Carlos and Kiera act as if there isn't anything out of the ordinary going on. If those moments weren't there, I would probably want to slap Carlos and tell him to get over it. Any tips on how to help Carlos deal with his current situation?

Emily learns about the Alec situation. It is annoying that the writers don't show her figuring it out on her own, but hey, at least she knows. While Future!Alec is just happy that she is still alive, he never actually deals with Emily's betrayal and colorful past. At some point, the writers need to have Future!Alec address these things. He says he doesn't care, but if the shock of her dying wasn't still fresh in his mind, he would care a lot. Present!Alec is evidence of this. Should Emily run to Future!Alec or try to make things right with Present!Alec?

What do you think Liber8's next move will be? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.