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Continuing my Pearl Lift adventure with Dr. Pearlman: Deka Dot laser

Dr. Steven Pearlman and Donna Fay Graziano
Dr. Steven Pearlman and Donna Fay Graziano
Carol Ruth Weber

My Pearl Lift adventure with Dr. Steven Pearlman began after having my skin analyzed by known beauty expert and Dr. Pearlman's Esthetic Coach, Donna Fay Graziano. After meeting with Donna Fay I was excited to meet and speak with Dr. Pearlman about the journey that the Pearl Lift would take me on. The kind doctor with his knowledge, credentials and certifications made me feel comfortable and safe as he listened intently to my wishes and prescribed his suggestions accordingly.

Dr. Pearlman ready to help with his Pearl Lift
Dr. Steven Pearlman

Ultherapy, and the Voluma and Botox, the first two steps of my Pearl Lift went smoothly. I healed well with really no down time. My neck was tighter and still firming up as the Ultherapy continued to work its powers with every new day. It was evident that the Pearl Lift treatments were working and put a smile on my face as people were remarking on how well I looked, which definitely boosts the spirits of someone who is always tired and in some sort of pain. Now I was excited and ready to complete my Pearl Lift adventure with the Deka Dot Laser.

Time to rid my face of its road weary tired texture and, hate to admit it, age spots.

The last step in the trifecta that makes up Dr. Steven Pearlman's trademarked Pearl Lift is the Deka Dot CO2 fractionated laser procedure. After the skin is tightened from the Ultherapy and lines are diminished with the Voluma and Botox Dr. Pearlman applies the finishing magic touch using the Deka Dot Laser a procedure used to give me back a more youthful texture and appearance to my skin. Dr. Pearlman, Donna Fay and I have thoroughly discussed the Deka Dot procedural choices from the very light procedure which needs little down time to the most intense course of action requiring most people to have seven days of down time to heal. With my health concerns and issues, Dr. Pearlman and Donna Fay prescribe what is called a weekend peel for me which calls for three to four days of healing time.

I arrive at Dr. Pearlman's office excited about finishing the final lap of my Pearl Lift journey. I am given a pain medication and a valium and then taken in to sit as numbing cream is applied to my entire face. The numbing cream settles in and I am relaxed and ready. Dr. Pearlman and Donna Fay come in to escort me to a surgical room. They have me lie down on the table and Dr. Pearlman covers my eyes to keep them safe.

Dr. Pearlman begins very gently as he starts the procedure. I feel him going over my areas in a row like fashion feeling the sensation of very light pricks as Donna Fay follows behind his actions with a cold splash of air. I am pleased now that I am feeling no major discomfort. As the Deka Dot is performed and my eyes are shielded I smell the light odor of burning. After Dr. Pearlman finishes the first phase of treatment he is ready to finish with the final phase. Dr. Pearlman explains that this part of the treatment is very important to make sure that every area of my face has been touched. Again he goes over my face in a row like fashion but this time it feels like little metal bristles roughing up my skin with a slightly stinging sensation but still no major discomfort. In no time the procedure is completed and a cold soothing cloth is applied to cool down my heated up facial skin. The wet cloth is removed and protective ointment is then applied to my skin.

All finished I rise up from the table. My skin feels a sense of being hot much like having a sunburn. I gingerly look into the mirror worried that a beet red face will be gazing back at me, instead I was pleasantly surprised to see my skin looking only a bit red as if it was just kissed by a day in the sun. I am given instructions to carry out during the next few days. I am now ready to leave excited to see the final results after the four days pass.

At home I must do my part to make sure that the optimal results from the Deka Dot are achieved.

The procedure finished, I am meticulousness about following instructions at home so my skin properly heals and I get the best results from the Deka Dot Laser treatment. I mix up a white vinegar and water solution to spray on my skin for soothing and healing. I make sure to keep my skin moist by applying plenty of healing ointment. This process reminds me of those times one must treat their skin after a sunburn. As I look in the mirror I see the results working; a texture of little dots can be seen in my skin and my skin feels a bit itchy and hot, all of which is completely normal as the healing process takes effect; the vinegar solution reduces the itchiness and cold compresses are soothing as well. Still nothing beyond just slight discomfort. After the first day I can wash my face three times a day using a post operative gentle cleanser, after which I reapply the ointment. This feels good and with every day my skin is looking and feeling more refreshed.

I believe that feeling better on the inside coincides with what is reflected back to us. Whether it is my daughter being a reflection of me by making me proud in how I raised her, or now my own mirrored reflection revealing a renewed and not so tired looking face making me smile, these pleasant reflections give me a touch of comfort to deal with my daily aches and pains that I feel but are unseen by others. Now by just adding my smile to my Pearl Lift I can pass on a pleasing reflection to pay some joy forward to others.

Never be afraid to dance.

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