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Continuing Events at Day Care

The other day in the afternoon after the children woke up four of the children started pointing and laughing at one spot. I watched for a minute and realized they were no just being toddlers being silly they were really seeing something. This went on for 15 minutes. At first, I thought they someone might be playing hide and see outside with them, but there was no one there. Then the other teacher I was with said, they are laughing at me. I told her, they started laughing when you got up and pointing where you were sitting. She got freaked out and got up. I probably would have to. I kept looking, but I did not see anything, and I can usually see things. But these four toddlers definately were laughing at something we could not see.

They would point at something and laugh like someone was showing them something funny. Then they would calm, down and point again and start laughing so loud. This continued. I asked them, what are you laughing at? The toddlers pointed and said, that. I asked them, that what? I do not see anything. They looked at me and could not understand why I could not see what they were seeing. I have to be honest I was laughing at the children laughing, because they were laughing so hard. However, I was kind of concerned, because this is not the first time this happened.

This is not unusual, because babies, and children are sensitive to seeing things most of us cannot. If you ever watched an infant, or baby sometimes they appear to be interacting with something other than you. I just hope whatever they saw is friendly and not harmful. Now there is more than enough proof of activity going on, and I am going to try to key into it more.

Written by,

Cheryl A Nocera